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Woman Files Lawsuit against Yale-New Haven Hospital Over Surgery Room Fall

Florence Fiedler, an 81-year old woman from New Canaan, has filed a lawsuit against Yale-New Haven Hospital after falling off an operating table and sustaining severe injuries.

In February 2010, Fiedler went to the hospital to have a pacemaker implanted. According to the lawsuit, the surgery was successful, but afterward, while Fielder was still sedated, she rolled off the operating table. Fiedler fell so hard that she suffered a traumatic brain injury, a broken collarbone, a broken hip and a broken toe. The lawsuit also claims Dr. Joseph Akar failed to recognize that Fiedler had not recovered from the medications that she received during the surgery, which put her at risk for falling.

TheConnecticut Postreports that Fielder had to learn to walk again and still has daily pain from her injuries.

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