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Do Home Filters Help Protect Against Lead in Water?

water filterLead poisoning can be devastating. It happens as a result of lead building up in the body over a period of time, and its impacts can be permanent. It is particularly damaging to babies exposed before birth and in children, but it can also be dangerous for adults.

Lead poisoning can come from many different exposures, including lead-based paint used in homes, furniture and toys, in foods canned outside of the United States, and from deteriorating water pipes and copper pipes that were originally soldered with the material. This last has been very much in the news recently and is a source of significant concern in the face of an aging infrastructure.

Protecting Against Lead in Water

In areas where the water is particularly acidic, the pipes and plumbing fixtures carrying municipal water are particularly vulnerable to corrosion. This can lead to lead in the water, particularly in homes built prior to 1986, before the use of lead was banned. Laws have been passed requiring utilities to control corrosion, but those organizations have not proven to be reliable in their efforts. The only way to be sure whether your water is safe is to test it using a certified laboratory.

In the face of the dangers of lead poisoning, many people have turned to home filters. These devices are relatively inexpensive, costing as little as $70 per year to operate. They can work if they are certified to remove lead from water and the filter is replaced regularly. The best filters are carbon-based models that mount on the faucets: the type that filter water in a pitcher is generally not certified to remove lead.

Other measures to reduce exposure to lead in your home’s water include only using cold water for cooking or drinking, cleaning your faucet’s screen, and flushing your pipes by letting the water run before using it, whether for bathing, doing laundry, drinking or cooking, or doing the dishes.

Taking Action Against Those Whose Negligence Exposes You to Lead

Lead poisoning can lead to damage in every organ in the body and is particularly harmful to developing brains. Landlords have a responsibility to notify their tenants if lead might be present in an apartment or rental unit, and those selling homes are also obligated to inform buyers. Failure to provide this type of notice is negligent and can have tragic results. If someone in your life has been affected by lead poisoning, we can help. Call the lead poisoning attorneys at Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers to learn more.


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