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Hearing Loss Injuries – How A Lawyer Can Help You Get the Compensation You Deserve

When people think of hearing loss, they generally envision the disability as a natural result of aging. But hearing loss is often the unfortunate result of negligence. Hearing loss can follow an automobile accident in which an airbag deploys. It can occur in the workplace when an employee works with or around loud machinery without benefit of adequate hearing protection. It can also occur when in close proximity to any type of explosion, or even as a result of a physician’s carelessness. When hearing loss is the result of somebody’s negligent or careless act, that person or entity can be held responsible for the loss that you have suffered. If this has happened to personal injury attorneys at Jonathan Perkins Attorneys at Law can help. We have successfully represented many clients who have suffered hearing loss injuries, and our experience will help you get the compensation that you deserve.

Hearing loss generally falls into two different categories. One is conductive, in which a part of the ear is damaged and can no longer transmit sound to the eardrum. The second is sensorineural loss, which is a result of damage in the central nerve, inner ear, or sound-processing sections of the brain.  When it can be established that hearing loss has been caused by the actions or negligence of another person, compensation that is awarded to the victim is usually substantial, as loss of one of the senses is considered a serious loss and disability. This may be true whether the hearing loss is total or partial, permanent or temporary. If the person who sustained the hearing loss injury can establish that their hearing was normal prior to the negligent actions of the other party and that it was their action or product that was the cause of the loss, then compensation is generally awarded.

It is important to note that certain hearing loss injuries are not compensable, even if they were caused by another person or organization. The best example of this would be where a person loses their hearing at a concert or fireworks exhibition. Because they willingly attended the show and could reasonably anticipate that it would be noisy, the show’s producers had no obligation to protect the attendees hearing – this is not true of a physician, an employer that is required to provide safety equipment, or a driver that causes an accident in which an airbag deploys. These are all examples in which another’s person’s actions or inactions were responsible for the hearing loss injury.

Though hearing loss injuries may seem difficult to prove, in the hands of an experienced attorney they are not. At Jonathan Perkins Attorneys at Law we work with expert witnesses such as physicians who can testify as to whether eardrums have been ruptured and whether scar tissue has formed and blocked hearing. We also have collected extensive data on the high percentage of people exposed to deployed air bags who have suffered permanent hearing loss. For legal representation that understands how devastating hearing loss injuries can be and that will work aggressively on your behalf, call us today.


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