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Farmington – Early Morning Crash

An accident closed a portion of the highway in Farmington yesterday morning.

State and local authorities responded to Route 4 (Farmington Avenue) after receiving reports of a crash that occurred on the eastbound side at approximately 4:11 a.m. Officials requested EMS support to tend to injuries sustained by a still unspecified number of motorists in the single-vehicle incident. No word yet on whether or not another vehicle was involved in the crash, though authorities said the accident happened at a major intersection in the town. A portion of the highway was closed down following the incident. Authorities will release updates on the road closure and other pertinent information when appropriate.

Most, if not all, intersection accidents occur between multiple vehicles and pedestrians, though authorities have yet to describe the specifics of this case pending the conclusion of their investigation. Whatever the outcome, though, if officials discover any form of reckless behavior or negligence, culprits will be made accountable, while victims may have the option of pursuing various legal avenues to help them find closure.

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