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Dirt Bike Deaths in Connecticut – What Can You Do If You Lost a Loved One in an Accident

Dirt bikes are off-highway motorcycles that are all about fun. Enthusiasts speak to the thrill of the ride, splashing mud on climbing tough hills, but mostly enjoying the camaraderie of getting together with others to share the adventure. Unfortunately, the good times that come with having so much power and performance in a relatively small bike can come at a price. Dirt bikes are unpredictable, and so are the riders with whom you are sharing the off-road experience. Dirt bike accidents occur and can lead to injury, and even to dirt bike deaths. When someone you love has been the victim of a tragic dirt bike accident, it’s important to determine whether it was a result of somebody’s negligence. The dirt bike accident lawyers at Jonathan Perkins Attorneys at Law are here to help you find out what happened and make sure that justice is done.

There are a number of different things that can lead to a dirt bike collision. An accident may involve another, larger vehicle such as a car or truck, or a collision can occur with another bike, an unexpected obstacle or road hazard, or even a pedestrian or animal. In some cases these are purely accidents that cannot have been prevented or foreseen, but in many instances these tragedies are the result of negligence.

Dirt bike deaths can also be caused by problems with the bike itself, or even faulty protective equipment. As is the case with other types of vehicles, dirt bike manufacturers are required to adhere to strict rules regarding the safety of their product, and the same is true for those who manufacture helmets, pads, chest protectors and more. Defects in these products can lead to serious injuries, and so can improper maintenance being provided by a technician.

Finally, the environment in which a rider operates their bike is often the cause of serious and deadly accidents. There is an expectation that public roads, as well as some offroad trails and courses that are made available to recreational riders, will be maintained in a way that makes them safe for bikes to ride on. Unexpected gaps and holes on a road or trail surface and overhanging vegetation blocking visibility can easily cause a dirt bike to flip or crash, resulting in serious and even fatal injuries. The same is true of missing safety features such as guardrails or signage.

Dirt bike riders are entitled to the same protections under the law as drivers of all types of vehicle. They have a right to expect that the vehicles that they are driving, the roads they are traveling and the equipment that they are using are safe, and that those around them will drive and behave in a responsible way. When this doesn’t happen, it can be deadly. If someone you love was killed in a dirt bike accident, call Jonathan Perkins Attorneys at Law today. We can help.

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