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What Can You Do Before Inclement Weather to Help Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents?

 When bad weather strikes and there’s snow and ice on the ground, most people worry about driving conditions. They reduce their speed. They make sure that their lights are on when it’s snowing. They make sure that they have plenty of windshield wiper fluid in reserve and that they have blankets in the car in case they get stuck. Unfortunately, they don’t take the same precautions once they step out of their car and set foot in parking lots and supermarkets. Store owners, commercial property managers, and even homeowners have a responsibility for making sure that all hazards are removed, and that includes removing snow and ice on walkways and cleaning up water from their floors. Failure to do so can leave them vulnerable to premises liability claims. But the slip and fall attorneys at Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers want you to know that in many cases, those who suffer injuries in falls will also be asked about what precautions they took to make sure that they were securing their own safety. You can’t act with disregard for your own safety and then place all the blame on another party. Here are some ideas for what you can do before inclement weather to help prevent slip and fall accidents.

  • Make sure you keep your eyes open. Go around areas where there is ice and if there is clearly water on the ground, stay away from it. If there is no other path that you can follow, make sure that you take it slowly.
  • Be smart about your footwear. Wet or wintry weather is not the time for spikey high heels. Instead wear shoes that provide stability, warmth and traction.
  • If there are handrails available, use them. Whether you’re going up or down a set of stairs or the handrails are mounted for use by the handicapped on a flat surface, use them if there’s any chance of slipping.
  • Be aware that being inside is not a guarantee that you’re safe. The ice and snow that you’ve walked through has been tracked inside by the people before you, and that means that floors are wet and slippery.
  • Do you have a glasses prescription? Then wear them! Far too many people allow vanity or convenience to rule the day, leaving their glasses behind and leaving themselves at a disadvantage for watching out for hazards.
  • If you have a dog, install a fence around your yard. Having a fence can provide you with the ability to let the dog out back when it needs to go to the bathroom instead of going for a walk. Even if you and the dog enjoy the experience, there are some weather conditions where it’s smarter to skip it.
  • Carry a small bag of sand with you. It’s amazing what a difference it can make, especially when you encounter an area where a property owner has not yet gotten to shovel, salt or sand.

The best way to deal with a slip and fall accident is to avoid it in the first place. But if you’ve been injured and think negligence of a property owner played a part, call Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers today.