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Help for Victims of Bike Accidents

Bicycle Accidents

Help for Victims of Bike Accidents

Bicycle accident data in 2015 shows 411 Connecticut bicyclists were injured by motor vehicles which either entered sidewalks, hit bicycles riding lawfully on the shoulder of the road, or ran into bicyclists while stationary. Due to their much smaller size and lack of doors, airbags, and seatbelts, injuries are an almost guaranteed result of motor vehicles hitting bike riders at medium to high rates of speed.

With nowhere to turn, many innocent bike riders recover from their injuries not knowing there’s legal action that can be taken against the at-fault party. That’s where a call to Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers would solve many problems injured persons face after being sideswiped by an automobile.

Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers fiercely advocates for bicyclist rights across Bridgeport and surrounding cities. Persons injured can bring their claim to his office without obligation, learn what legal action can be taken, and retain his services to collect compensation owed. Contact us at (203) 380-1556 or email us to set up a free consultation with a Bridgeport bicycle accidents attorney.

Why Do I Need a Bicycle Accident Lawyer?

Bicyclists have rights, although understanding how those rights affect their ability to hold others accountable for their injuries may be difficult for those lacking knowledge of Connecticut law.

Circumstances beyond anyone’s control, such as inclement weather, will affect the outcome of bicycle accidents Bridgeport residents may experience. While these aren’t necessarily litigable, in many cases they are. Unfortunately, many injured bicyclists give up when icy roads cause an automobile to hit them.

An experienced bicycle accident lawyer can look over the accident, comb through police reports, and put together a solid case based on their findings. Did the driver exceed posted speed limit when they hit that icy patch? Were they distracted? These and other facts could build a case against the party responsible for hitting you. And an attorney will find these facts.

Why Choose Us?

Persons injured in bicycle accidents want experienced representation. They want peace of mind that professionals with firsthand knowledge of Connecticut civil procedures and bicycle laws are handling their case. They want attorneys who dig deep to find evidence that law enforcement may have missed.

Our experienced trial attorneys aggressively represent clients with personal injury claims involving bicycles. Each lawyer is dedicated to the many clients they help annually, having secured fair settlements for victims like you more frequently than not.

Our experienced firm can immediately identify cases based on facts specific to your bike accident. And, because we charge no fees for consultation, you can bring your claim with confidence knowing we’ll do everything we can to help bring wrongdoers to justice.

Cases We Handle

Since many different scenarios can cause bicycle accidents, Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers handles cases where bicycle accidents resulted from vehicles:

  • Exceeding posted speed limit;
  • Are found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  • Are found to have been texting and driving;
  • Fail to follow local traffic laws;
  • Fail to yield at intersections or crosswalks; and
  • Fail to pay attention to their surroundings.

City, county or federal governments may also induce bicycle accidents by failing to post signage on bike paths with known dangers or fail to fix crosswalk signals.

Other cases we handle include bicycle accidents stemming from:

  • Debris or other foreign objects on sidewalks or approved bike paths;
  • Grass clippings or other foliage issues, often arising from city worker negligence;
  • Being chased by animals;
  • Trucks or cars “dooring” innocent bicycle riders; and
  • Bicycle riders being attacked or injured during the commission of another crime.

If you believe your case falls into one of the above, but aren’t sure, contact our bicycle accident attorney immediately.

Bicycle Injury FAQs

We’re providing answers to common questions injured persons may have before speaking with our attorneys. Note these answers do not establish an attorney-client relationship.

What is the statute of limitations on bicycle accidents in Connecticut?

As with all personal injury accidents, Connecticut has put a two-year statute of limitations on accidents involving bicycles. If an injury results in death, the statute of limitations on wrongful death is two years from the accident – not when the accident caused death.

What injuries are common in bicycle accident cases?

The bicycle accidents Bridgeport attorneys at Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers previously litigated have included these types of injuries:

  • Internal bleeding from being pinned or struck against another inanimate object;
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI);
  • Broken arms, legs, cracked hips and other breakages;
  • Spinal injuries, including slipped discs and sciatica;
  • Cuts, scratches, and bruises
  • Emotional damage, including depression and stress; and, unfortunately,

What types of compensation could I receive?

How injury victims recover compensation, including specific amounts, depends on economic and noneconomic losses. Losses which are calculable, or have specific numbers attached to their loss, include medical bills, lost wages, the potential decrease in earnings capacity down the road, and damage to bicycle. Losses which have no financial value include pain and suffering and are often decided by either jury or judge.

What if part of the accident was my fault? Can I still be compensated?

Connecticut is a modified comparative fault state, according to General Statutes Section 52-572h. Under this law, provided injured persons are less at fault than the at-fault party, you may still be compensated for losses. Your final settlement, however, will be reduced by the percentage of fault you’ve been found to be liable for. So, if you’re awarded $200,000 but were found 40% at fault, your award would be reduced to $120,000 (200,000 x .40).

The Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers Difference

Whether during rush hour or late into the night, bicycle accident victims can phone our firm. We’ve always got someone available to take your call around the clock. Along with our commitment to client satisfaction and our no-quit attitude, it’s easy to see why so many clients refer others to our firm. As your Bridgeport bicycle accident lawyer, we are results-driven and fight until your case settles fairly.

Need to talk about your bicycle accident today? Dial (203) 380-1556 today, and schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with our experienced bike accident attorneys.

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Our Results
  • $2.3 Million

    For the family of a man killed in a traffic accident.

  • $2.1 Million

    For a Brazilian woman who fell off her bicycle, severely injuring her head.

  • $1.5 Million

    Awarded for an infant who died while at a daycare facility

  • $850 THOUSAND

    For the family of an 83 year old man who died after being in an auto accident.

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