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Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

A properly maintained motorcycle can be the difference between suffering severe losses and injuries and surviving a wreck. By taking care of your bike, the chances of you being involved in an accident due to bike malfunction or defect significantly decreases. On-going, general maintenance will keep your motorcycle in great condition and limit the likelihood of unpleasant events occurring while on the road.

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Tips for General Bike Maintenance

Although bikes have come a long way since their predecessors in the 60’s and 70’s as far as the maintenance required, modern bikes still require more care than the average motor vehicle. It’s important for motorcyclists to at least have the ability to do basic maintenance on their bikes. This knowledge can prove advantageous in spotting problems before they become disastrous.

Bikers should check the following things regularly:


Keep tires correctly inflated at all times. Have a low pressure tire gauge in your bike tool bag at all times. It’s good practice to check your tire pressure each time you stop to fill up for gas. If your tire tread depth is 1 to 2 mm, it is time to replace them. The sooner you replace your tires, the safer you will be as they are often a contributing factor to fatal motorcycle wrecks.


Over time, brake fluid absorbs moisture and becomes less effective. By replacing your brake fluid entirely every one to two years, your brakes will perform to their optimum potential. Bikes can have up to two brake fluid reservoirs, so it is important to check both regularly. Additionally, the thickness of the brake pads can have a significant effect on how your brakes function. Replace brake pads before they get worn down to the metal, otherwise your brake disc can become damaged and result in expensive replacement costs while putting you at risk of a brake failure accident.

Chains, Shaft Drives and Belts

Taking care of these three items regularly is essential to the well-being and longevity of the bike. It’s advised that you lubricate your chains after each ride when the chain is still warm. This ensures that the oil can soak in and reach all the spots of the chain. Shaft drives do not require too much maintenance; however, it is recommended that shaft drive oil is replaced every time the oil is changed on your bike. Belt drives, similar to shaft drives, do not require too much maintenance. Every time you change your oil, you should check the tension of the belt and make adjustments as necessary.


Surprisingly, fuel is the most overlooked type of preventative maintenance on a motorcycle. It’s recommended that you check your fuel filter regularly to make sure that it is not clogged and replace it every two years. Check your fuel lines for weather damage and cracking, and replace it immediately if either of these is found. Get rid of untreated gas that is older than six months. If treated, it can last up to two years.


Check your oil level before getting on the road. If the level is not high or to the maximum level, top it off before going out. When changing oil, always use the recommended oil weight for your motorcycle.


A bad battery is one of the leading causes of motorcycle breakdowns. Due to bike design, the battery is often difficulty to get to and does not get checked as often as it should. It is important to check the fluid levels on each chamber of the batter. If any chamber is low, it’s advised that you carefully top it off, using only distilled or deionized water. Never use tap water as it has minerals in it that are harmful to batteries. Additionally, keep the top of the battery free of grime and check cables and clamps for obvious damage or loose connections.

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A motorcycle accident is not always avoidable, but proper bike maintenance can lessen your chances of being involved in a serious wreck.

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