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Snow Plow Accidents

During the winter months in Connecticut, maintenance vehicles like snow plows help keep our roads drivable, though they sometimes cause serious accidents. Motorists also have a bad habit of trying to pass plows, making risky moves in order to get out from behind a slow moving vehicle. In other cases, snow plow drivers may behave negligently and cause an accident, or even injure or kill a pedestrian or cyclist.

The Connecticut Department of Transportation advises motorists against passing a snow plow on the right side, as many of these vehicles have “wing” plows that may stick out over eight feet from the right of the truck. Because these vehicles move very slowly, motorists should stay approximately three car lengths behind a plow, as many times their wide berth closes the gap very quickly.

Have you or someone you know been injured in a Connecticut snow plow accident? If so, you may be entitled to compensation based on the pain and suffering you experienced.

Severe injury, loss of limb or wrongful death can result if a snow plow driver is behaving irresponsibly behind the wheel of their truck, and the legal team at Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers believes that victims of snow plows deserve fair and competent representation in court, which is why we will always fight for the MAXIMUM amount of compensation due to our clients.

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Causes of Snow Plow Accidents

Just like drivers of commercial trucks that spend days on end traveling the highway, snow plow drivers are clearing roads for hours at a time and an overworked or fatigued snow plow driver can be the cause of a very serious crash. Snow plow operators have a responsibility to the neighborhoods and towns they work in to operate their vehicle with the proper amount of rest and training, and driver negligence is inexcusable.

Some of the most common causes of snow plow accidents include:

The operator of the snow plow could be liable for the injuries sustained during a collision if their actions were reckless or negligent in any way. Following a crash, it is important to understand the relationship between the snow plow operator and their employer, as well as who owns the snow plow.

Liability could be determined in various ways depending on these factors. After an accident, make sure to consider the following questions:

  • Identify the operator of the snow plow
  • Identify the owner, which may or may not be the same individual as the operator
  • Identify the company who employed the operator
  • Was the plow employed by the Department of Transportation?
  • Was the plow contracted for a particular event or storm?
  • On whose property did the accident occur?

Cyclists, Pedestrians and Plow Crashes

Because of the nature of their work, snow plow operators often work in low visibility situations as the snow from their truck is cast off to the side of the road. In the worst circumstances, pedestrians or cyclists can be struck and killed amid the cast-off snow. Children, too, are victims of snow plow collisions, and there have been many recorded instances of children being killed by snow plows while they are playing, walking, riding a bike or a scooter.

A pedestrian, cyclist or child may not realize they are in the truck’s blind spot, so it is imperative that children are not allowed to be out around snow plows, and that all other adults maintain an extremely cautious distance from the plow.

In the event you or a loved one were harmed by a snow plow, or if someone you know was killed because of snow plow driver negligence, contacting an experienced Connecticut truck accident law firm may be your best course of action to bring justice to the responsible parties and hold them accountable for their actions.

Our Accident Attorneys Can Help with Your Claim

The personal injury lawyers at Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers realize the snow plow accidents can have on not only on the victim’s life, but the family’s, too. We know that these injuries bring unnecessary pain, frustration an potential death to the victims, and we are proud to fight for their rights.

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