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Tips to Avoid Slips and Falls During Inclement Weather

During the spring and summer months, rainfall is frequent across Connecticut, often making sidewalks, parking lots, and other areas of high pedestrian traffic slick and hazardous. Slip and fall accidents happen all the time, and while many people suffer minor bumps and bruises, far too many others suffer severe injuries. To protect yourself from a severe injury accident, follow these safety steps:

  • Don’t underestimate the value of handrails on steep staircases. You may want to use them any time you are going up or down wet stairs, as these are very common locations for water to pool and cause accidents.
  • Avoid walking through puddles, even small ones. Because it could be difficult to judge how deep the puddle might be, you run the risk of stepping into a pothole or depression that could result in a serious injury accident.
  • Always wear the right footwear in rainy weather. Waterproof boots are certainly ideal, but there are many different types of footwear that are waterproof and have soles that provide solid grip and traction.
  • You should be particularly cautious when walking on smooth concrete surfaces such as those found at gas stations and parking lots. These surfaces can easily become slick with only a little bit of rainfall.
  • Be careful around the entrances to buildings, which is where most visitors will track in water. Most establishments place rubber mats near entryways to reduce the risk of slips and falls and will put up warning signs when areas become wet, but some property owners or manager may fail to take these precautions and visitors or guests could be severely injured.

If a property owner failed to warn you of wet floors or failed to address known hazards and you were hurt in a slip and fall accident in Connecticut, contact Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers as soon as possible.

Our firm has a record of success that includes $617,500 recovered for a 58-year-old man who fell on some steps going into work and $450,000 recovered for a 56-year-old painter who broke his left elbow, hip, ankle, and heel as well as injuring his neck after a slip and fall accident off a ladder. Call (800) PERKINS or (203) 397-1283 if you live outside Connecticut to take advantage of a free consultation.



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