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Tips to Prevent a Motorcycle Accident

Whether you are a long-time motorcycle enthusiast or are new to biking, you are aware that with the joys of the open ride comes a good amount of responsibility. Not only do you need to be a careful driver who obeys the rules of the road, but you also need to be mindful of the many other drivers who may not be as aware of you as they should be. You also need to be aware of road hazards and weather conditions in a way that is very different from the level of concern that is required of drivers of passenger cars and trucks. Not only are motorcyclists at greater risk of getting into an accident then those in passenger cars, but the injuries that you are likely to suffer if you are in an accident put you in more danger, as there is no protective barrier to shield your body from impact or the road. Your best bet is to keep your eyes open, and follow these tips to prevent a motorcycle accident provided to you by the attorneys at Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers.

Because there are so many different things that can cause a motorcycle accident, it is incumbent upon a motorcycle rider to educate themselves about motorcycle safety. The most important tips to prevent a motorcycle accident include:

  •  Make sure that you are fully equipped with the highest quality safety gear. This means that you should wear a brightly-colored helmet and jacket that makes you more visible while at the same time providing you with the protection that you need from impact.
  • Be aware that many drivers will turn in front of you. This may be as a result of them misjudging your speed or not seeing you at all – in some cases it is because a driver holds motorcyclists in total disregard. The fact that they are wrong doesn’t protect you from injury. Anticipate these actions to save yourself.
  • Watch the wheels of the vehicles around you, as they are the first sign of a driver’s intentions. When you see that a car is about to turn in front of you, you not only need to avoid them, but also be mindful of whether there is another vehicle behind you, as if you simply stop then you are at risk of being rear-ended. When in doubt, slow your bike down rather than trying to lay it down.
  • When turning into a corner, be aware that there may be gravel on the road that leaves you unable to control your bike. Avoid this by riding at a pace that does not diminish you of reaction time.

There are many things that a careful and concerned motorcyclist can do to try to avoid accidents, but no safety plan is foolproof. If you have been injured and believe that it is a result of the negligence of the drivers around you, those responsible for maintaining the roads in a safe condition, or even those responsible for the safety of your bike itself, then contact the personal injury attorneys at Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers. We will review your case and let you know if you are entitled to compensation for the injuries that you’ve suffered.