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Dooring accidents in Connecticut

Most cyclists who bike to work, school or for recreation are aware that a dooring accident could happen at any time on the busy streets in Connecticut. Drivers of passenger vehicles should watch for cyclists before opening their vehicle doors, but far too many people fail to do so, and serious injury accidents can occur.

In urban areas especially, dooring crashes are one of the most common types of bike crashes. According to data from Chicago (one of the only cities that tracks dooring crashes), dooring was a factor in one in five bike crashes. While forty states have dooring laws that place responsibility for dooring accidents on the person who opened the vehicle door, Connecticut is, unfortunately, one of ten states that do not have dooring laws in place to protect cyclists.

If you’ve been hurt in a dooring accident in Connecticut, you still have rights and legal options. While there is no state law that specifically requires vehicle occupants to watch for passing pedestrians, cars, and cyclists while opening the door, you could still take legal action if you were severely hurt in a dooring accident.

The best thing to do if you’ve been injured as a cyclist is to call an experienced bike accident attorney. Motorists are required to yield the right-of-way to pedestrians and cyclists, so they could still be held liable if they fail to check their surroundings before opening the car door. While the person responsible (or, likely, their insurance company) may argue that you could have avoided the door, this argument is not always applicable. With a knowledgeable and skilled bike accident lawyer on your side, you could hold the person liable for your injuries. You could be owed compensation for medical bills (past and future), lost wages, and other damages.

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