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Summer Bicycle Safety

With summer in full swing, neighborhoods across Connecticut are full of children on bicycles, which unfortunately means that children are also increasingly getting hurt in bicycle accidents. Most bicycle accidents occur between May and September, and nearly 11% of bicycle accident fatalities involve children. During the summer, many children bike alone in the dark or through heavily trafficked areas on their way to and from home, to their friends’ homes, and to destinations like the neighborhood pool or park.

It is important for parents to emphasize bicycle safety when talking to their kids, and it is the responsibility of all drivers to watch out for kids on the road and drive in a responsible manner. If the driver acts in an aggressive or careless manner, they might be held liable for any injuries, property damage, or wrongful death of a child if an accident occurs.

Protect Your Children

Fortunately, there are a few easy steps you can take to help protect your children this summer.

  • Require Helmets: The most important step a child can take to protect their life while riding a bicycle is to wear a helmet. Using helmets reduces the risk of serious injuries by up to 70%. Make sure your child is equipped with a great helmet, and ensure that they wear it whenever they ride their bike.
  • Increase Visibility: If your child ever rides their bike in the dark, you can install reflectors or lights on their bike to increase their visibility. You can also invest in bright clothes especially for biking to further increase their chances of being seen. When your child is more visible, drivers are less likely to accidentally run into them.
  • Install a Bell: Bells are useful for warning drivers and other bikers of your presence when you pass them or turn. Make sure your child’s bell is loud enough to be functional in these situations.
  • Take a Bicycle Safety Class Together: Taking a course together to get a refresher on bicycle laws and safety practices can be one of the most helpful things you can do to protect your child this summer. Getting that reminder, even if they’ve been told these rules in the past, can help your child avoid making a mistake or doing something risky that compromises their safety.

Get Help

Unfortunately, even when you take all the proper precautions, accidents sometimes still happen. In the event that your child is injured in a bicycle accident in Connecticut this summer, Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers can help protect your rights and get you the compensation and justice you deserve. Motorists are responsible for paying attention to bicyclists on the road, so if they collide with your child and cause an accident, you can hold them liable for the consequences. To discuss your legal options with a bicycle accident attorney who cares, contact 1-800-PERKINS today.


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