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Officers Aggressively Enforcing Ice Missile Law to Help Prevent Auto Accidents

 With the holidays and New Year behind us and spring still months ahead, we are faced with the day-to-day realities of winter’s harshest weather. Connecticut drivers know better than most that icy roads and winter storms bring real danger, especially when blizzards and fog create whiteout conditions. The nightly news is filled with horrifying videos of accidents involving dozens of vehicles and resulting in traumatic injuries. These chaotic scenes are enough to strike fear in any motorist. There are steps that every motorist can take to protect themselves and their fellow drivers, and one of the most important and easiest is to comply with the Ice Missile Law passed in Connecticut in late 2013.

The ice missile law was written to address the issue of motor vehicles that have accumulated ice or snow on their hood roof, and trunk. Drivers who live in areas that are vulnerable to these conditions are required make sure that their vehicles are prepared for driving safely and sharing the roads with others by clearing this accumulation off so that it does not present any risk to pedestrians, other vehicles, or property while the vehicle is being driven. Failure to comply can lead to a fine of seventy-five dollars. Taking care of all of these items not only will provide you with better visibility yourself, but also provide a safer environment for those around you.

In addition to being penalized simply for failing to take the ice and snow off of your vehicle, there are much more serious penalties if your failure to do so results in an accident or property damage. If you are a private driver operating your car and snow or ice on your car causes an accident, you will face an additional penalty of between two hundred and one thousand dollars. Commercial drivers face even steeper fines that can range between five hundred dollars and up to one thousand, two hundred and fifty dollars.

We have all been on the road and seen what happens when driver’s fail to clean their car off before setting out in the morning. Sometimes it’s a driver of a passenger car who has barely cleaned the snow off of their hood. Not only does snow blowing off of their car make it harder for you to drive, but these drivers struggle themselves, barely able to see past the snow blowing onto their own windshield. Even more dangerous is the risk of large sheets of ice blowing off of the top of a truck or school bus, surprising drivers of vehicles in its path.

If you have been involved in an accident that was caused by ice or snow blowing off of another driver’s vehicle, then you have been a victim of negligence and you need to speak with an experienced attorney. The professionals at Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers are here to help. Call us to set up a free consultation.



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