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More than 20 passengers Injured After Bus Crashes on Snow-Covered Roads

As with most accident crashes on the snow-covered roads, speed was related to the bus losing control. By the time crews and hospitals started reporting the accident scene numbers, we found that 26 of the 33 passengers on the tour bus were taken to two different area hospitals to be treated for injuries.

According to David Cubbison, the Director of emergency services with Bedford County

“Twenty-five EMS units from four counties responded to the crash site”

As officials surveyed the bus crash scene and tried to get help for the injured, they still did not report how fast the passenger vehicle was traveling. The only statement currently being made public is this:

“The bus was traveling at a speed that was greater than is reasonable and prudent for the conditions”

It’s no secret that drivers who aren’t driving with extreme caution at low speeds in these winter weather months are risking their lives and the others who drive these same snow-covered icy roads. To ensure that you and your passengers arrive safe, please always drive with caution and two hands on the wheels keeping speeds safe and slow enough to allow time for the driver to react and avoid collisions. Even if an accident crash keeps out of colliding with other vehicles, many passengers can still be thrown and injured due to the driver’s negligence. As can often be seen in these types of accident cases, passengers can suffer from severe whiplash and prolonged back pains.

If you or a loved one ever happens to be admitted to the hospital and have been seriously injured due to a passenger bus accident, contact our personal injury lawyers today. We offer Connecticut residents 100% FREE case reviews to help determine the merits of your claim and always seek the maximum compensation you deserve. To contact Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers, Call 203-397-1283 today or simply complete our quick contact form at the top of this page. We only get paid when we win!


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