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Man Wins $7 Million in ’Popcorn Lung’ Lawsuit

On Wednesday, a federal jury awarded Wayne Watson a $7 million dollar verdict against various food companies after being diagnosed with “popcorn lung”.

In 2007, he developed a respiratory problem known as ‘popcorn lung’. Watson, a Colorado resident, ate two bags of popcorn on a daily basis for several years. Watson and his attorneys argued that he developed the rare disease from inhaling the artificial butter smell of microwave popcorn. His lung capacity has been reduced to 53 percent due to his health condition.

Typically, popcorn lung is found in factory workers that were exposed to high levels of diacetyl, an artificial flavoring used to give popcorn that buttery taste. Watson sued the popcorn maker and the grocery store for not warning consumers about the dangers of diacetyl.

Nowadays, many manufacturers have stopped using diacetyl in microwave popcorn.

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