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What Makes a Strong Products Liability Case in Connecticut?

While manufacturers take precaution to mitigate the risks associated with their products, there are still times when individuals are harmed due to substantial flaws that went undetected during product testing. When a consumer is harmed due to a product, they have a lot to prove to be successful, but it can be done. Knowing the laws and how they apply to your case ahead of time can alleviate a lot of stress and guarantee a more favorable outcome.

If you have suffered injury due to a lack of safety features, lack of warning labels, or a design or production failure or flaw, you could be eligible for compensation. The first step in your legal battle is to figure out if you meet the criteria to prove a product was defective and dangerous.

Types of Defects

Under the Connecticut Product Liability Act, victims of such injuries can only recover damages if they prove they have an injury, that it is the result of the product, and if it contained a defect that made it more dangerous than a reasonable person under the same circumstances would expect.

There are three categories of product defects:

  • Design defect. This is when the product was designed with a dangerous flaw such as a car that is prone to rollover.
  • Manufacturing defect. When the product was designed well but is rendered unsafe during production, it is a manufacturing defect. An example includes contaminated food.
  • Label defect. When a product does not properly warn consumers of its dangers or hidden risks and a reasonable person under the same circumstances would not have assumed its risk, it is a label defect.

When pursuing compensation, a jury will look at the circumstances in which a plaintiff was injured and conclude whether the product was unreasonably or unforeseeably dangerous. The goal is to hold manufacturers and designers accountable for how reliable and safe their products are to keep consumers safe.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to no fault of your own after using a dangerous product, contact our attorneys today. At Jonathan Perkins Personal Injury Lawyers, we hold manufacturers accountable for the items they place in the marketplace and aim to protect the rights of consumers.


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