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Ice and Snow Can Lead to Serious Slip and Fall Accidents in CT: How A Lawyer Can Help If You Have Been Injured

Whether you a winter enthusiast or the type of person who spends the colder months dreaming of warmer temperatures, living in Connecticut means that you are going to encounter ice and snow. As beautiful as the region is when blanketed in white, it is also a particularly dangerous time of year, and one that sees many people admitted to emergency rooms following slip and fall winter accidents. Winter falls brings great risk because not only is the chance of falling greater, but the risk of injury is exacerbated by colder temperatures, when muscles are tighter and our range of motion is more limited. Though some falls simply result in a bump, bruise and injured ego, others can result in serious injury that require extensive medical attention and may necessitate your missing work, being unable to fulfill your normal household responsibilities, and can severely limit your enjoyment of life. If you or someone you love has fallen and you believe that your accident is the result of someone else’s negligence, then you may be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages that you’ve suffered. Call the lawyers at Jonathan Perkins Attorneys at Law to discuss what happened to you. We will listen carefully and ask all the right questions so that we can assess who is to blame and whether you are eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Though many people who slip on ice blame themselves, the truth is that it is the responsibility of the owner of a property and the people who work for them to ensure that it is safe and to correct any problems that have the potential to lead to an accident. This means that when there is an accumulation of ice or snow on their property they are expected to clean it up and when there are puddles on the floor inside their buildings, those need to be cleared as well. Not only is it required that removal efforts are made, but also that they must be done in a responsible way so that the clean-up has been effective. Making sure that sidewalks, parking lots, and driveways are safe are all part of an owner’s responsibility, and failure to take care of this duty may result in them being held liable for any damages that are suffered as a result. This can include having to pay for an injured person’s medical bills, pain and suffering, any time that they missed from work due to their injury, and more.

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident as a result of a property owner failing to provide adequate clean up of their property, then the Connecticut law firm of Jonathan Perkins Attorneys at Law can help. For a free consultation about your case, call us today.

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