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Follow all Recommended Power and Safety Guidelines for your Christmas Lights

IChristmas Lightst’s an annual tradition for many families. The weekend following Thanksgiving is spent decorating, hanging holiday lights around your property, buying a Christmas tree, and hanging wreaths and other festive holiday symbols. It’s a lot of work that brings a lot of satisfaction, but it’s important that you take the time to follow all recommended power and safety guidelines for your Christmas lights. No matter how robust defective products laws are, consumers have a responsibility to do their part and make sure that they are reading all of the precautions that manufacturers provide.

Product manufacturers have a responsibility to provide consumers with warnings of all known dangers of using their products, as well as of the dangers that may come if they are used improperly. This requirement extends to products of all kinds, including holiday lights. Though technology has provided
tremendous inroads in terms of safety, Christmas lights still rely on electricity, and that automatically means there is a risk of shock or fire when used improperly.

To make sure that your holiday decorations are safe, make sure that you do the following:

  • Make sure that they are Underwriters Laboratory-rated. Cheaper lights may not have this important testing.
  • Do not use any wiring that is frayed or damaged. Damaged lights can short circuit, and this can lead to a fire. Throw damaged lights away.
  • Read the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure that you are using lights the way they are intended. Do not use outdoor lights indoors, or indoor lights outdoors.
  • Be cautious about where you are hanging lights and electrical wiring. They should be kept away from heat sources and flammable items.
  • Use insulated holders specifically designed for lighting rather than household items like tape or staples to hang lights.
  • Be careful when using extension cords. Make sure that they are grounded and the correct length to avoid accidents.
  • Replace burnt out bulbs with bulbs that are the same wattage as the rest of the string.
  • Unplug lights before making any repairs.
  • Follow instructions and obey limits regarding the number of light strands that can be strung together. When in doubt, limit to no more than three.
  • Turn off lights before going to bed, and do not leave lights unattended.

If you have suffered an injury or loss because of Christmas lights that were used properly but were defective, the attorneys at Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers can help. Contact us today to set up an appointment to discuss your situation.


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