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Deadly Two Car Collision Takes Bicyclist Life After Weeks in Rehab

A bicyclist that was hit by two motorists in a vehicle collision has died. The man riding the bike who recently lost his life this past Wednesday due to the auto accident in Seaford Delaware, was only 48 year’s old. David Emery, the cyclist whom was fatally injured was admitted to the local rehabilitation facility shortly after the accident, where he remained for weeks seeking treatment from his injuries.

Delaware police report that this traffic accident took place on Oct. 5, 2013. At the time of collision, David was attempting to cross over the Sussex Highway when he was hit by a white truck that failed to slow or stop after striking the cyclist with his vehicle. Officers claim the victim was then thrown from his bike into the center of the road suffering immediate injuries. Troopers also claim that when Emery tried to get up, he was hit by the right side mirror of another passing car. Fortunately for police, the driver of the white car decided to make a U-turn after the incident and went back to the accident scene.

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