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Consumer Watchdogs Want to Warn Women About the Dangers of Vaginal Mesh

Consumer watchdog group Corporate Action Network (CAN) has launched a campaign aimed at alerting consumers about the dangers of Ethicon vaginal mesh products. The network is seeking to hold Johnson & Johnson, Ethicon’s parent company, liable for putting profits over people.

Ethicon manufactures surgical sutures and wound closure devices, they even have a slogan that reads “better surgery for a better world.” However, the company is currently the target of more than 20,000 pelvic mesh lawsuits filed by patients who claim they experienced severe, life-changing injuries.

In a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder, Corporate Action Network argues that Johnson & Johnson and Ethicon should be subject to charges for obstructing criminal investigations after they allegedly destroyed vital documents.

The documents were supposedly relevant to vaginal mesh litigation, but were not preserved by Ethicon according to U.S. District Judge Joseph Goodwin who is presiding other the multi-district litigation in West Virginia. The judge, however, found no evidence that Ethicon purposely destroyed these files to keep such information out of court and Ethicon denied it was intentional.

As part of CAN’s campaign, the group is encouraging whistleblowers to come forward and submit tips or to call on investors to stop purchasing new Johnson & Johnson stock.

The Justice Department intends to review Corporation Action Network’s request for a criminal investigation.

Ethicon lawsuits have continued moving forward in a few states already. Judge Goodwin is managing approximately eight litigations against mesh manufacturers such as Ethicon/Johnson & Johnson, American Medical Systems Neomedic, Bard and more. More than 14,600 transvaginal mesh lawsuits against Ethicon/Johnson & Johnson are still pending under multidistrict litigation.

In Texas, a plaintiff was recently awarded $1.2 million after one of Ethicon’s mesh products was found to be defective and led to her injuries. Many more victims though, are still waiting to get the justice they deserve.


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