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What are the Most Common Amusement Park Injuries?

There are some things that just come with warmer temperatures, and going to amusement parks is one of them. It doesn’t matter whether you are visiting one of the big name destinations in Florida or California or the attractions at your local beach boardwalk, the sounds of people shrieking in delight are part and parcel of our happiest memories – at least that’s true for most of us. Though we generally associate amusement parks with joy and carefree days, there are thousands of people injured at these attractions every year, and whose memories of these visits are filled with horror. Some of these injuries are so out of the norm that they make the evening news, and we shake our heads when we hear of drownings at water parks or of people getting thrown to their death from roller coasters, but these events are rare. Much more frequently the people who are hurt suffer damage that may not be newsworthy, but can still be life changing. If you or your child have been injured on a ride or while in a park, you may be eligible for compensation for the damage you’ve suffered. Here are the most common amusement park injuries, as well as some information about what to do if it has happened to you.


When you picture an amusement park, the first things that come to mind are probably the roller coaster, the bumper cars, and all the other rides that move fast, whipping you around and making you dizzy. As much fun as these can be, they are also the rides that lead to the most common amusement park injuries. These injuries include:


  • Back, neck and head injuries from being thrown around in a rough ride
  • Falling from a ride
  • Being thrown from a ride
  • Stroke caused by injuries to the ligaments in the neck
  • Broken bones
  • Torn ligaments
  • Cuts and bruises
  • Brain injuries resulting from rapid speed putting G-forces on the head
  • Drowning


In addition to the physical damage that the body can suffer while rides are operating properly, there are also injuries that can result from rides being improperly operated or from mechanical failures. When a safety element such as a seatbelt or protective bar fails to work in the middle of a ride, it can lead to serious injury. Similarly, if a ride’s brakes or speed controls fail, people can be thrown from their seats. In some cases, people are injured when they fail to listen to safety instructions or misuse a ride.


When a person is injured on an amusement park ride, they may be entitled to file a personal injury lawsuit based on either negligence on the part of the park owner or operator, or a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer of the ride itself. For more information on your legal rights, contact the compassionate attorneys at Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers for a free consultation.



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