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Slip and Fall Accidents

Bridgeport Slip and Fall Attorneys

Nationwide, slip and falls account for many accidental deaths every year, especially in persons 65 or older. Senior citizens are at high risk of slipping on ice, tripping down stairs, or falling, with 15,000 deaths and over 2 million injuries every year. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) places flooring and floor material as the number one cause of slips and falls across all age groups. Bridgeport slip and falls are common when businesses and property owners fail to upkeep common areas where invitees may shop, play, or pass through.

Results-driven, experienced, and dynamic in its representation of premises liability injury victims, the Bridgeport slip and fall attorneys with Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers will fight premises owners until victims have been compensated for losses sustained due to their accident. Residents of Bridgeport and surrounding cities have the right to feel safe when invited on another’s property. Ready to call on the Power of Perkins on your slip and fall case? Contact us at (203) 380-1556 today.

Why Do I Need a Slip and Falls Lawyer?

Fighting cases takes knowledge of the General Statutes of Connecticut. From specific time frames to file to what you must prove in court, these statutes are strictly enforced. Slip and falls that take place where you work are equally complex, too.

An attorney can get the attention of insurers and property owners much quicker than victims. That happens by opening lines of communication, sending pre-settlement demand letters, and in some cases filing your cause of action. There is a specific method used to professionally discuss your incident which an attorney will be much more adept at than you.

All told, slip and falls require proving negligence on behalf of property owners and businesses. Simply showing that you fell while on someone else’s property will not be enough to win your case. You will have to prove, using evidence, that the property owner owed you a duty of care to keep you safe, that they failed to uphold this duty, that their failure directly caused your injuries, and that your injuries caused you significant damages. To many victims, that’s a huge responsibility to shoulder without legal experience, which is why hiring an attorney to help is key.

Why Choose Us?

Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers offers veteran legal representation to slip and fall victims who demand experience and proven results. Putting 140 combined years of experience in your corner, your case stands an excellent chance of settling for far more than you’d think.

Insurers hunt down victims of slip and falls, looking for ways to discredit their claim or pin some level of negligence on them. We’ll advocate for you. We’ll make sure insurers are kept at bay, dealing directly with them and their counsel. By collecting accident evidence, gathering medical bills and doctor notes, talking with eyewitnesses, and preparing your case for trial, property owners will know we mean business.

Need proof our experienced representation works? See case results we’ve achieved for slip and fall victims over the years, and decide for yourself. Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers is well respected in Bridgeport and surrounding areas, and we will work hard to earn your trust.

Cases We Handle

There are many possible causes of slip and fall accidents in Bridgeport, including:

  • Uneven surfaces;
  • Wet surfaces that lack proper signage;
  • Clutter in common shopping areas or those frequented by invitees;
  • Poorly built scaffolding;
  • Stairs with broken treads or unstable handrails;
  • Messy pool areas, including unstable ladders;
  • Torn up carpeting;
  • Improperly covered manholes in yards or on business property;
  • Poor lighting, or the lack of lighting in essential areas; and
  • Untreated ice in storefronts, church stairs, near hotel entrances, and similar.

When you hire a personal injury lawyer, they will investigate your accident to determine the cause of the accident and identify the responsible party.

FAQs about Slip and Falls

Do you have questions about slips and falls before putting Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers to work on your claim? We understand. To ease some stress and confusion before you even arrive for a consultation, we have included the answers to some questions we hear most below. We offer these answers as only a basic guide, and not to establish an attorney-client relationship.

What steps should I take if I slipped and fell?

Seek medical attention as soon as possible. However, if your injuries are not dire, stay where you are and take photos with your smartphone, or ask family, friends, or anyone else to do so for you. Take down witness information as this will help later. Finally, just stay put until you’ve been medically cleared or put on an ambulance gurney.

I trespassed and injured myself. Do I have a claim?

While Connecticut’s slip and fall law provides relief for those who were unaware of hazards and injured themselves, it only applies to those with permission to exist on another’s property. Trespassing may nullify your claim, even if injured, because property owners do not owe a duty of care to trespassers.

Why doesn’t a law firm charge me to hire them?

Cases where premises liability caused injury are expected to settle prior to court, although some head directly to trial. We front all the costs associated with filing and proving your case, and will take our fees directly from your settlement amount, which is comparatively larger than you could likely get without an attorney. Our retainer agreement will explain this should we proceed with your case.

Getting Help for Your Slip and Fall Injury

Bridgeport slip and falls victims often rely on the knowledge and experience of legal professionals to negotiate with insurance on their behalf, represent them in court, and ultimately secure compensation they need.

With Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers, victims of premises liability negligence put experience in their corner. With 140 years of experience across our well-practiced firm, we’re a dedicated team of professionals who want your slip and fall claim to settle favorably.

See how Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers can provide the level of skill necessary to win your case by scheduling your free consultation. Call us toll-free at (203) 380-1556 today.

Do I have a Case?

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  • $850 THOUSAND

    For the family of an 83 year old man who died after being in an auto accident.

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