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Bridgeport Dog Bite Lawyers

Since 1982, over 2,100 people have been killed or rendered limbless by pit bulls alone in America. In fact, over 4.7 million people are bitten nationwide by multiple breeds, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC). 800,000 of those bites require some level of medical care.

Connecticut has strict leash laws and numerous ways which victims may bring a civil action against homeowners. Laws also dictate that owners who know or have reason to know, their breed of dog has vicious propensities can be held accountable if their dog escapes its restraint and attacks an innocent bystander.

Were you the victim of dog attack and have nowhere to turn? Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers, serving Bridgeport and surrounding cities, have helped dog bite victims get compensation for their injuries and the ensuing loss of wages. It’s important for victims with bite injuries to get their claim filed quickly for many reasons, mainly Connecticut’s strict statute of limitations.

Call (203) 380-1556 or fill out an online contact form to discuss the extent of your dog bite accident, and let our experienced, Bridgeport dog bite attorneys and dependable client service prove our firm means business.

Why Do I Need a Dog Bite Lawyer?

Victims of dog bites may find holding the homeowner liable for their injuries difficult, perhaps stressful. Understanding Connecticut’s tort laws and rules of civil procedure are just starting points; lawyers are often hired for other reasons, too:

  • Fighting insurers. Homeowner’s insurance covers dog bites where the victim was attacked without provoking the dog, but getting the pet owner to fork over that information may not be an easy task. If the home is a rental, an attorney must track down the landlord.
  • One statute, many doctrines. Connecticut laws provide relief for dog bite victims under a special statue. Additionally, victims may have valid claims under doctrines of scienter, normal negligence, negligence per se, or by intentional tort.
  • Proving claims isn’t always “cut and dry.” Victims must prove the dog was “at large,” or attacked them without being provoked. Examples where dogs would be inclined to bite include trespassing, threatening their owner, or making quick advances toward them. If you were not at fault, we must prove who was.

With many technicalities and ways your claim could be rejected, it’s imperative victims avoid fighting their claim alone. As this form of injury falls under personal injury law, most attorneys will take your case without any upfront costs.

Why Choose Us?

Connecticut General Statutes § 22-357, which discuss what legal remedies are available to dog bite victims, are very complex and often taken out of context by those unfamiliar with them. An attorney who has practice Bridgeport dog bite law for many years should handle all areas of law where victims may discount or nullify their claim without trying.

Our experience in personal injury law prepares us for your dog bite injury. We’re able to investigate the situation, discuss the injury with the homeowner’s insurer, hold the dog owner individually liable for your injuries, and settle your claim for what it’s truly worth.

Cases We Handle

Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers can take dog bite cases that result from:

  • Unwarranted dog attacks with children involved;
  • Attacks that happened on public domain, such as parks or on sidewalks;
  • Non-aggressive attacks, such as dogs charging and knocking people over;
  • Dog attacks where the victim was an invitee on the homeowner’s property;

Many unprovoked dog attacks can lead to severe injury or death. Contact our firm to see if your dog bite case could be taken to court or settled.

Dog Bite FAQs

Let’s look at some common dog bite questions. Our answers are meant for informational purposes only and do not establish a relationship with our firm.

What happens if dog owners aren’t insured?

Victims would need to sue the dog owner directly. Many times, doing so “magically” reveals homeowner insurance the owner previous withheld information about. Lawsuits will show information about others potentially liable for the incident, such as landlords or others who may own the house.

How long do I have to file my dog bite claim?

Connecticut has two statutes of limitations for dog bite claims. The normal dog bite statute affords victims three (3) years to file their claim, although restrictions may apply that impose the second statute of limitations, which is for non-owner or non-keepers of dogs and is two (2) years. Most attorneys will have filed your claim well within the two-year statute regardless of statute.

What must an attorney prove in dog bite cases?

The three components that must rise above the standard of law required to seek compensation are proof of your attack, proof of injuries, and proof that you were either allowed on the homeowner’s property or the attack happened on the public domain.

How much could I potentially receive?

Dog bite cases work differently because if there’s no insurer to sue, the homeowner will be the target of our civil complaint. This could impact how much you receive if anything can be collected at all. Discuss your case with an attorney at our firm, and we’ll be forthcoming about your claim’s chances in court.

Can I sue the owner for “dog fright”?

Connecticut recognizes that some dogs won’t directly attack, but frighten people to the point they injure themselves. As a form of intimidation, dog fright is civilly litigable in this state.

Victim of Dog Bite Attack? Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers Bites Back.

Laws in Connecticut provide relief for victims who were innocently walking down the sidewalk and were attacked by an angry dog. Collecting medical bill payments, pain and suffering, and whatever wages you stand to lose is something that takes an experienced attorney to handle.

For many years, dog bite victims have turned to Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers for their injury litigation needs. We not only do all the work for our clients, but we also charge them nothing until we settle their claim. If we lose your dog bite claim, our work was free.

Call (203) 380-1556 to schedule a free consultation with our experienced Bridgeport dog bite lawyers today.

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