Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers

  • Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers Expands Its Connecticut Presence With Recent Opening Of Offices In Downtown Waterbury

    - March 21, 2018

    With the help of the Waterbury Regional Chamber of Commerce and City of Waterbury officials, Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers held a ribbon cutting ceremony last week as the personal injury law firm opened its new offices in downtown Waterbury, CT. “We reviewed market and economic trends for this region and…

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  • Safest Ways to Remove Snow and Ice from the Roof of your Vehicle

    - January 31, 2018

    Winter means treacherous driving, and drivers need to pay extra attention when they get behind the wheel. Drivers in Connecticut have an even greater level of responsibility to those with whom we share the road: to reduce the number of personal injuries caused by winter accumulations, the state has required…

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  • Weight Loss Surgery: New Year’s Resolutions and Complications

    - January 29, 2018

    We are well into the new year of 2018: did you make a New Year’s resolution? According to the online polling website YouGov, two out of three Americans do, and the top resolution that people make is to lose weight. Though eating better and exercising more are the safest and…

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  • Is it Safe to Use a Kerosene Heater in your Home?

    - January 26, 2018

    How many times have you turned on the news, only to hear about a child who was burned or a fire that was caused by the use of a kerosene heater? It’s been estimated that there are 50 deaths in the United States each year caused by kerosene heaters. Your…

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  • Who is at Fault if Someone is Injured While Sledding on Private Property?

    - January 24, 2018

    With snow comes the fun of winter activities: ice skating, skiing, sledding and more. When you go to a ski resort or ice skating rink, you know that the owner and operator take on a certain amount of legal responsibility for the condition of their property. But what about sledding?…

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  • Why You Should Never Follow a Truck Too Closely

    - January 17, 2018

    When one vehicle follows another too closely, it is referred to as tailgating. When you are driving a passenger car, having somebody tailgating you is both annoying and dangerous, and often leads to a completely preventable accident. But commercial drivers who operate enormous 18-wheel vehicles know that having a car…

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  • Top-5 Vehicle Maintenance Tips for Winter Driving

    - January 10, 2018

    Winter driving means you need to be extra alert. Not only are conditions treacherous, but you can’t be sure about what other drivers are going to do, or what their level of preparation or driving skill may be. In order to make sure your vehicle is operating at peak condition…

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  • Truckers’ Failure to Remove Snow From Trailers Can Lead to Accidents and Death

    - January 04, 2018

    Have you ever seen a sheet of ice or snow go flying off of a tractor trailer? It’s a frightening sight and one that’s all too common for highway drivers following snowy cold weather or ice storms. When the “snow torpedo” lands on open road, it’s a dangerous distraction that…

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  • Does Using Your GPS Count as Distracted Driving?

    - January 02, 2018

    The dangers of distracted driving have become a hot topic among drivers of all ages and all levels of experience. Though the latest and most frequently blamed culprit is cell phone use, the truth is that distracted driving has been a major factor in car accidents since people abandoned the…

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  • Why You Should Always Clear Snow and Ice from Your Roof

    - December 29, 2017

    Winters seem to be getting harsher with each passing year, and it’s tempting to just stay inside and hibernate until spring. Unfortunately, if you’re a homeowner or business owner responsible for a property, that means you’re also responsible for clearing snow and ice from your roof in order to prevent…

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