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  • Be on the Lookout for Signs of Nursing Home Abuse when Visiting Elderly Relatives this Holiday Season

    - December 12, 2017

    Visiting friends and relatives is one of the most enjoyable parts of the holiday season, and that tradition extends to those who are no longer living at home. If you have loved ones who are no longer able to live independently, and who’ve moved into a nursing home, stopping in…

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  • Follow all Recommended Power and Safety Guidelines for your Christmas Lights

    - December 11, 2017

    It’s an annual tradition for many families. The weekend following Thanksgiving is spent decorating, hanging holiday lights around your property, buying a Christmas tree, and hanging wreaths and other festive holiday symbols. It’s a lot of work that brings a lot of satisfaction, but it’s important that you take the…

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  • Why You Should Never Try to Pass a Snow Plow on the Right

    - December 07, 2017

    If you live in Connecticut, then you know that winter brings snow, with all its beauty and all of its aggravation. There’s no doubt that one of the most frustrating aspects of a heavy snowstorm is getting stuck behind a slow-moving snow plow. But no matter how much you hate…

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  • Protect Your Guests from Slip and Fall Injuries by Avoiding Wet Floors in Your Home

    - December 04, 2017

    We’re headed into the stormy season, and that means there’s a good chance that the floors in your home are going to be wet from time to time. Whether the water comes from rain or from snow and ice melting from your winter boots, you need to clean up any…

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  • Pharmaceutical Errors that Happen at a Pharmacy

    - November 29, 2017

    For most patients, once they receive a script for medication, they go to the pharmacy to have it filled. Considering a doctor has ordered it and there are instructions on the script, few think about the potential errors that can happen at a pharmacy. In fact, many patients may be…

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  • Preparing for a Personal Injury Trial

    - November 25, 2017

    If you have been injured and have sought legal representation, the hope is that you can settle without having to go to trial. Of course, this is not always the case. There are times when the two parties cannot come to terms that both can agree to. When this happens,…

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  • Increased Risk of a Slip and Fall Accident in Autumn

    - November 20, 2017

    Autumn is most people’s favorite season and for good reason. Between the fashion styles, seasonal drinks and the crisp feeling in the air, along with the impending holiday season, it can be a time of celebration and appreciation. However, the season also comes with a long list of risks for…

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  • Nursing Home Bed Rails Cause Personal Injuries

    - November 17, 2017

    Between 2005 and 2013, there were seven deaths reported to the FDA that were associated with the use of a portable bed rail. While that figure alone sounds staggering, injuries are more prevalent with use of the devices. Between 1985 and 2013, the FDA received reports of medical devices that…

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  • Distracted Driving Caused by Work Calls or Messaging

    - November 15, 2017

    The picture most often painted when it comes to distracted driving is a younger driver that simply cannot wait to post on Snapchat or send a text message. However, there are other potential culprits when it comes to taking drivers’ eyes off the road. To the surprise of many, there…

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  • Study Shows Hands-Free Devices Cause Distracted Driving

    - November 13, 2017

    Previously in Connecticut, drivers had exceptions to holding their cellphones while driving but in January of this year, those exceptions were taken away. Restrictions on cellphone usage is not new. Lawmakers have acknowledged the dangers of texting or making phone calls while operating a vehicle as it takes drivers’ hands…

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