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  • Types of Internal Injuries Suffered in a Personal Injury

    - June 30, 2016

    When we hear of injuries suffered by accident victims, our minds naturally go to graphic imaginings of people bloodied, bruised, or broken, but the truth is that many serious injuries are not immediately visible. Called internal injuries, these are generally hemorrhages of organs or the vascular system that are caused…

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  • Misuse of Fireworks in Connecticut

    - June 27, 2016

    As summer approaches, we all anticipate all of its pleasures. Days at the beach, backyard barbecues, and especially fireworks set off to celebrate Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Labor Day, and the season itself. As dazzling and inspiring as these pyrotechnic shows can be, they also present a risk…

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  • Summer Boating Safety in Connecticut

    - June 22, 2016

    With summer finally here, many Connecticut residents’ thoughts turn back to the joy of boating. The state is renowned for the many opportunities offered to boaters, with the state operating over 100 public boat launches that provide access to lakes, streams, and the beautiful Long Island Sound. Before heading off…

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  • Summer Camp Injuries in Connecticut

    - June 13, 2016

    For parents and their children alike, the end of school and the beginning of summer signals one of the most enjoyable times of the year: the time when kids head off to summer camp. Today’s camps offer a wide range of activities and settings to match the interests and needs…

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  • Staying Safe on the Road/Travel Safety in Connecticut

    - June 09, 2016

    Summer has finally arrived in Connecticut, and with its warmth and sunshine it also brings the promise of family car rides to barbeques and community events as well as road trips to vacation destinations. The anticipated pleasures of the season and the joys of spending time together are what summer…

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  • With Nicer Weather Comes Dog Bites — How to Stay Safe This Summer

    - May 31, 2016

    Dogs are arguably the most popular pet in the United States, with an estimated 80 million of them sharing our homes and our lives. Though the majority of these canines are truly man’s best friend, providing their owners and those who they encounter with love, companionship, and the joy of…

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  • May is Elder Abuse Awareness and Elder Law Awareness Month

    - May 23, 2016

    The question of which was established first — Elder Abuse Awareness Month or Elder Law Awareness Month — is a good one. It is probably no coincidence that both fall in the same month, the month of May, as the two are necessarily intertwined. Though we like to imagine that…

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  • May is Mental Health Awareness Month and Depression and Anxiety Month

    - May 18, 2016

    The month of May is both Mental Health Awareness Month and the month in which we raise awareness for Depression and Anxiety, and this is of particular interest to those who have suffered a personal injury as a result of another’s negligence. The phrase “pain and suffering” is frequently cited…

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  • Connecticut Woman Files Malpractice Lawsuit After Wrong Rib is Removed

    - May 09, 2016

    Going to the doctor is something that we all do without hesitation: whether we are just in for an annual checkup or are seeking help for an acute situation, we’ve been raised to believe that doctors are universally intelligent, well trained, expert in their chosen field, and completely trustworthy. Unfortunately,…

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  • 10 Common Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents You Should Be Aware Of

    - April 21, 2016

    Motorcycles are extremely popular. They have a mystique that goes far beyond being a simple mode of transportation, providing their riders with an air of independence and self-confidence.  Unfortunately, in addition to the bravado and freedom that comes with riding a motorcycle, so does a fair amount of risk. No…

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