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Work Zone Awareness

During the warmer spring and summer months, significant road improvement projects begin all across the state of Connecticut. These projects help us with our daily commute and keep the roads in good condition to prevent accidents. Unfortunately, not all drivers exercise adequate caution when driving through work zones, and workers often suffer severe or fatal injuries in entirely avoidable accidents.

Work Zone Fatalities – By the Numbers

In a report released by the National Work Zone Safety Information Clearinghouse, 799 people died in work-zone crashes in 2017 alone, an increase from the previous three-year average. 216 of those crashes involved trucks, with 265 total fatalities, while pedestrians were involved in 129 fatal accidents, with 126 total deaths. Of those numbers, 132 workers were killed in work zone accidents.

How to Prevent Work Zone Injuries

Work zone accidents can be prevented when everyone exercises additional caution when driving through them. Drivers can protect themselves, their passengers, and the workers who are performing their duties by following these simple steps:

  • Watch for work zone signs and expect the unexpected.
  • Adjust your speed according to the posted speed limits
  • Don’t slow down to look at road work. Instead, maintain the flow of traffic
  • Follow the directions on posted signage or signals by roadway flaggers
  • Do not tailgate or drive aggressively
  • Put down your phone (which you shouldn’t be using anyway) and avoid other in-vehicle distractions
  • Know before you go: make sure to check for road work online, or tune in to the TV or radio before leaving to find out the latest traffic information.
  • Schedule your commute: give yourself enough time to get to your destination, especially if you are aware of roadwork ahead of time

Work zones present unfamiliar changes to your daily commute, but they can be navigated easily with a bit of pre-planning and caution. Drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists, and pedestrians all have a responsibility to keep work zones safe for ourselves and the workers we encounter.

Contact a Connecticut Work Zone Accident Lawyer

If you were hurt in a work zone accident, contact the injury attorneys at Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers to get the knowledgeable legal help you need and deserve. Whether you were injured as a worker and need assistance with a worker’s comp claim, or if you were hurt as a motorist and need to discuss your eligibility for personal injury compensation, our team is ready to serve you. Contact us at (203) 397-1283 or reach out to us online anytime, day or night, and we’ll sit down with you to advise you of your legal options.



What is a First Report of Injury?

Employment laws in Connecticut require employers to file a report with the Workers’ Compensation Commission if an employee has suffered a work-related injury or illness that results in missing time from work for one or more days.

Employers in the state of Connecticut must report the date and time of an employee’s injury, as well as any notice that is received from the employee who is filing a workers’ comp claim. Details regarding the accident, insurance that the company will provide for the employee, and the company’s contribution requirements for the plan need to be included.

It doesn’t matter if the illness or injury is compensable under workers’ compensation – the report still must be filed. If the employer does not file as required, the amount of the employee’s workers’ compensation could increase.

When Do I Need to File a First Report?

Employers must submit the report within seven days of notification of a worker’s injury. Companies need to use the form titled “Employer’s First Report of Occupational Injury or Illness.”

Why Do I Need a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

If you are suffering from a work-related injury or illness, you may be wondering if you should seek legal representation to file a workers’ compensation claim. It all depends on the seriousness of your injury, the complexity of your case, and the actions of your employer or their insurer.

An attorney can help you in the following situations:

  • Your workers’ compensation claim is denied. Insurance companies and employers will often reject workers’ comp claims in an effort to save money, thinking that employees may decide not to appeal. Obtaining legal counsel will give the best chance to obtain a fair settlement for your injuries.
  • The settlement offer from workers’ comp isn’t enough to cover lost wages or medical bills. If you believe that your settlement offer is not enough to cover your expenses, it is best not to let a workers’ compensation judge make the final decision. To get the best settlement possible, you need an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer.
  • Your illness or injury caused permanent disability. You may have suffered a permanent disability – whether partial or total – and this prevents you from performing your job or even returning to work at all. Insurers may try to stop payments or avoid paying you a settlement.
  • Your employer retaliates against you for filing a workers’ comp claim. If your employer has fired or demoted you, reduced your pay or hours, or participated in some type of discrimination because you filed a workers’ comp claim.
  • Your injury occurred due to a third party’s actions or your employer’s misconduct. You are allowed compensation outside of workers’ compensation in certain situations, including when someone other than your employer contributed to your injury (for example, a negligent driver that caused a car accident while you were driving on the job), if your employer doesn’t have workers’ comp insurance, or your employer’s negligent actions caused your injury.

A workers’ compensation lawyer will know to gather the evidence needed to support your claim, as well as negotiate effectively with your employer and the insurer to make sure you get the benefits you are owed. Turn to the workers’ compensation attorneys at Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers for the experienced assistance you need to get the benefits you are owed. Call us at (203) 397-1283 to schedule a free consultation today. 

Why do so many collisions happen at intersections?

According to the Federal Highway Administration, there are approximately 2.5 million collisions at intersections each year, which comprise nearly 40% of all collisions. 50% of all catastrophic injury accidents occur in intersections, as well as 20% of all traffic-related fatalities.

So, why do so many collisions occur at intersections? The primary reason is that at least two roads must cross at intersections. With potentially several lanes of traffic heading in different directions, it is easy for a collision to happen, especially if a motorist is not paying attention, is inebriated, or is otherwise behaving negligently.

The most commonly cited causes of intersection accidents are:

  • Failing to pay attention to the proper flow of traffic
  • Driving through an intersection with an obstructed view
  • Making inaccurate assumptions about another driver’s behavior
  • Performing illegal traffic maneuvers
  • Misjudging other vehicles’ speeds or the space between vehicles
  • Driving while distracted

The majority of intersection accidents are caused by driver error or recklessness. When people fail to pay attention or are otherwise behaving negligently, severe and often fatal accidents could occur. There are some instances where a government entity could be liable for an intersection crash, however. These include:

  • Failure to provide a separate left-hand turn lane
  • Improper intersection design
  • Poor visibility of traffic signs and signals, including failure to clear obstructions from traffic signs
  • Failure to put stop signs at intersections
  • Mis-timing of traffic signals

If a city or municipality fails to properly design or maintain an intersection and a serious injury accident occurs, the victims could be eligible to pursue an accident claim against the entity responsible for the crash.

If you have been hurt in an intersection crash in Connecticut, you could be owed significant compensation. As drivers and passengers, we trust that others on the road will drive with caution and care. We also trust that those responsible for the roads and intersections will keep us safe from harm. If any party fails in that duty, we have the right to take decisive legal action.

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Were you hurt in an intersection accident that was not your fault? Contact a knowledgeable injury attorney at Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers to discuss your accident and learn more about your right to compensation. Call us at (203) 397-1283 to schedule a free consultation today.

Preliminary Data Shows that 2018 Was the Deadliest for Pedestrians – Here’s Where Connecticut Ranks

The annual report by the Governors Highway Safety Association titled “Pedestrian Traffic Fatalities by State” released its preliminary 2018 data, and the numbers are concerning. While trends seemed to be heading the right direction (from 1990-2008, pedestrian deaths plummeted), from 2009-2017, the number of deaths skyrocketed by 45%. Over the same period, all other traffic-related deaths declined by 6%.

While the precise reason for this increase is not clear, some have suggested that the ubiquity of internet-connected smartphones and the distractions they cause behind the wheel could be partly to blame. Others believe that the increased number of people walking to work and the growing popularity of larger vehicles like SUVs and large trucks could be a contributor.

Two key takeaways are when and where these accidents are happening. A large portion of the increase (90% of the total increase in pedestrian deaths) is at night, and the majority of fatal accidents occurred on local roads away from pedestrian crossings.

Nearly half of these pedestrian fatalities occurred across just five states: Texas, California, Georgia, Florida, and Arizona). Connecticut ranked #34 on the list, with 1.29 pedestrian fatalities per 100,000 people.

So, what can we do to prevent pedestrian fatalities? For the most part, exercising proper caution behind the wheel could go a long way. Drivers should put away their phones and focus on the road ahead and remain alert for pedestrians on sidewalks and in crosswalks.

If a pedestrian is hurt or killed in an accident caused by negligence, the driver of the vehicle that hit them could be held liable by the victim or their surviving family members. If you lost someone in a fatal pedestrian accident in Connecticut, turn to the experienced and compassionate attorneys of Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers to discuss your rights and legal options. We are here to help, so call us at (203) 397-1283 today.

Jonathan Perkins quoted in Republican-American Article

Attorney Jonathan Perkins was quoted in an article about a trucking accident that is calling existing underride protection standards into question.

Underrides bars are protective barriers on the backside of tractor-trailers designed so that cars don’t drive underneath trucks should they rear-end one. These guards, however, are often not strong enough to withstand the impact of a collision. Jonathan Perkins was called in to discuss his knowledge of these kinds of accidents for the article, written by Brigitte Ruthman.

To read the article, click here.

What You Need to Know About Burn Injuries

According to information provided by the American Burn Association, as many as 40,000 people were admitted to hospitals to treat serious burn injuries in 2016. The severity of any given burn depends on the cause the duration of the victim’s exposure to the source, and the area affected. If you have been burned, the compassionate attorneys at Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers want to help you. Call us at (203) 397-1283 today to discuss your case.

Causes of Burns

 Burns can occur from many different sources which all have the potential to cause serious damage and even death. According to information provided by the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic, the following are different agents that cause burn injuries:

  • Dry heat –A common example of this is fire. Those who report dry heat burns are most likely to also suffer injuries related to smoke inhalation.
  • Wet heat – Wet heat burns can occur from contact with steam or a hot liquid. Scalding injuries commonly occur while cooking and can be incredibly painful.
  • Friction – When the skin is dragged or rubbed against an object or surface a friction burn can easily occur as a result. Friction burns are a common injury in bicycle accidents.
  • Electricity – These burns are caused when someone is exposed to an electrical current. Depending on the strength of the current, the injuries that result can be fatal.
  • Chemicals – Exposure to substances that are incredibly acidic or alkaline can cause serious chemical burns. These types of burns can occur externally, or internally if a chemical is ingested.

No matter what the cause, make sure that you treat any kind of burn immediately. For some cases, this may require seeking medical attention.

Burn Categorizations and Treatments

The burn categorization system both identifies the severity of the burn as well as the treatment plan.

  • First Degree – Minor burns affecting the outer layer of the skin (epidermis). Common symptoms include redness, swelling, and mild or moderate pain. The best treatment for these burns is to submerge them in cool water to reduce pain and inflammation. These minor burns often heal within a week to ten days.
  • Second Degree – Second-degree burns affect the epidermis and the lower layer of skin called the dermis. These burns are accompanied by intense pain, redness, blistering, and possibly infection. Treatment for a second-degree burn entails cooling, sterilizing, and covering the affected area. It is recommended to seek medical attention to treat these. It can take two weeks up to two months for these burns to heal.
  • Third Degree – Third-degree burns permeate the skin and often damage the soft tissue and muscle beneath. Third-degree burn victims will notice blackened or charred skin and possibly a loss of sensation. Seek medical help for third-degree burns as soon as possible. Depending on the severity of the injury, healing can take several months or years.

If you have suffered a burn injury due to negligence on the part of another person or party, you may be owed significant compensation. The Connecticut lawyers at Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers understand the life-altering toll that burn injuries often have on victims. Reach out to one of our lawyers today at (203) 397-1283 to learn how we can help you.


Who is liable in a bikeshare accident?

Bikesharing has become an affordable and convenient mode of transportation for many people in Hartford, and the major bike-share service providers like Bird and in Hartford, specifically Lime, have expanded rapidly in cities across the country. Lime introduced the bright green bikes to the city last June, and it quickly added more bikes to the city’s streets after a surge in use, according to the Hartford Courant.

While these vehicles are eco-friendly and fun to ride, riders, pedestrians, and other motorists could suffer severe or possibly fatal injury if they are involved in an accident. The injured party may wonder, “who is liable for my injuries if I’m hurt in a bike-share crash?”.

Determining liability for a bike-share accident is often different than regular bike crashes because multiple parties could potentially be responsible. A few potentially liable parties include:

  • The rider, if they are reckless or negligent in handling or operating the bike
  • Motorists, if they fail to share the road with bike-share riders, if they do not look before opening their car door in the path of a rider, or if they are careless, aggressive, or intoxicated behind the wheel
  • Pedestrians, if they fail to observe the rules of the road or cross the street in non-designated locations
  • The bike-share company, if it fails to inspect and maintain its fleet of bicycles properly

As a bike-share rider you should:

  • Read all safety information included on the app and online, and (naturally); you should only ride if you are comfortable riding a bicycle.
  • Before getting on the bike, inspect it to make sure it is in proper working condition.
  • Never ride a bike while intoxicated or while drowsy.
  • Make sure to follow the rules of the road and be on the lookout for pedestrians and motorists at all times.

If you’ve been hurt in a bike share accident as a rider, motorist, or pedestrian, consult with an experienced bike-share attorney to learn about your rights and the legal options that are available to you. For help in Hartford, or anywhere in Connecticut, turn to the attorneys of Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers for help. Our consultations are always free, so schedule a confidential meeting with our team by calling (203) 397-1283 today.



Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers has been named to the list of the Top 10 Settlements in Connecticut in 2017 by TopVerdict. The legal website recently presented the law firm with the prestigious distinction.

Attorney Perkins and his firm fought for a 34-year-old Brazilian woman who was paralyzed in a bicycle accident on a city street, resulting in the Town of Fairfield agreeing to a $2.1 million settlement with the family.

The incident occurred in September 2015 near Lake Mohegan in Fairfield. Rubia Rodrigues was travelling down a hill on a bike near the lake entrance, when her front tire got trapped in a road grate. This caused her to fly over her handlebars and land directly on her head in the street. Rodrigues suffered a traumatic brain injury. She can no longer speak or walk and she will be paralyzed for the rest of her life.

Rodrigues spent six months at St. Vincent’s Medical Center following the incident before she was flown back to Brazil by her family, who could no longer afford her treatment here.

“It is an honor to be recognized for our efforts in seeking justice for Ms. Rodrigues and her family,” said Attorney Jonathan Perkins, founder of Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers. “This recognition only amplifies our commitment to continue fighting for our clients and help amend any personal damages.”

Attorney Perkins worked tirelessly for the victim after determining the bars in the road grate were 6 inches apart, which did not meet the recommendation made by the Connecticut Department of Transportation that all municipalities replace these grates with bars only 4 inches apart.

“Many municipalities have been slow to replace these grates,” said Attorney Perkins. “With this financial settlement the family will now have the funds to provide the care their daughter requires.”

The $2.1 million settlement was reached during jury selection in the state Superior Court. Rodrigues v. Town of Fairfield now stands as one of the most lucrative cases in recent years, due to the diligence of Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers. The factors cited in the case included Bicycle Accident, Dangerous Condition, Personal Injury, Brain Injury, and Negligent Maintenance.

TopVerdict recognizes U.S. law firms and attorneys who have obtained one of the highest jury verdicts, settlements, court or arbitration awards in the Nation or an individual State, in a particular area of law, and year. Recognized law firms, attorneys, and their top legal victories are listed under the corresponding year and jurisdiction. https://topverdict.com/.

Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers

Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers is committed to fighting for clients who have suffered injuries. The experienced firm has handled thousands of cases and has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in damages. Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers represents clients in practice areas including auto accidents, product liability, dog bites, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, premises liability, slip and fall accidents, wrongful death, workers’ compensation injuries, Social Security claims and employment discrimination claims. The firm has offices in Hartford, New Haven, Waterbury, Bridgeport and New London. Se habla Español. For more information or to schedule a FREE consultation, visit www.800perkins.com  or call 1-800-PERKINS.

FMCSA Violations and Truck Accidents in Connecticut

Truck drivers and the companies that employ them are required to follow strict regulations put in place by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). These rules ensure that trucking companies maintain suitable safety standards to protect all drivers and passengers on the road.

Any trucking accident can result in serious injuries and death to those involved, and accidents that occur because of FMCSA violations are usually avoidable. If you have been injured in a trucking accident, the physical, financial, and property damage that you face is often serious. Reach out to one of our Connecticut FMCSA regulation attorneys at (203) 397-1283 to learn how we can fight for you.

Commercial Drivers License Required by FMCSA

Commercial truck drivers must obtain special licensure in order to legally be allowed to drive a commercial motor vehicle. In order to obtain this license, drivers must complete an assessment of knowledge and skills. Further testing may be required for applicants who plan to operate a truck with multiple trailers, a tank, hazardous materials, or a passenger vehicle. Any violation of safety standards and regulations could result in a driver’s loss of their commercial license and penalties for the trucking company.

Driver Condition

In addition to obtaining the proper training and licenses, drivers must meet certain physical standards in order to be eligible to drive.

Fatigue – To be in compliance with FMCSA regulations, drivers are prohibited to drive for over 11 consecutive hours. Additionally, drivers must rest for 10 hours between shifts. These rules are meant to protect drivers from becoming tired on the road and endangering themselves and others.

Sobriety –Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a violation of safety standards and could result in the loss of a drivers commercial license.

Driving Behavior

 To ensure the safety of others, commercial vehicle drivers must avoid these behaviors while behind the wheel:

Excessive Speed– Commercial motor vehicles are unable to stop as quickly as smaller vehicles. The mass and momentum of a speeding truck can cause serious damage in an accident.

Distracted Driving – Truck drivers should remain focused on the road at all times to avoid encroaching on other lanes and potentially causing serious collisions.

Aggressive or Reckless Driving – Commercial vehicles pose an inherent risk to other vehicles on the road when driven safely, so when a driver displays aggressive or reckless behavior they are far likelier to cause injury or death to others on the road.

Truck Condition

Proper loading and regular maintenance are both important factors in properly securing a commercial vehicle.

Weight – Each truck has a maximum weight limit that it can safely handle. Attempting to carry cargo that exceeds this limit can put undue pressure on the vehicle, causing an accident.

Maintenance –Damaged or undermaintained commercial vehicles should not be operated. Depending on a driver’s employment arrangement, their company may be responsible for servicing their vehicle.

Hurt in a Truck Accident? Contact a Connecticut FMCSA Violation Lawyer

Being involved in a trucking accident can have a lasting impact on your life. If the accident was the result of a violation of regulations intended to keep you safe, you may have legal recourse. To learn more about how an attorney can help you pursue the compensation that you deserve from a driver or a trucking company, call (203) 397-1283 today.

New London’s Top Leaders Celebrate Jonathan Perkins Grand Opening of Fifth Location

Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers Connecticut - Logo

Ribbon Cutting and Reception Bring together over 50 Members of the Local Political and Business Communities

(NEW LONDON, CT) – November 5, 2018 – Local leaders welcomed Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers to New London at a grand opening celebration on November 1st at the practice’s new location at 164 Hempstead Street. An official ribbon cutting ceremony was held in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Connecticut.

The law firm rolled out the red carpet by hosting an elegant professional networking reception to bring more than 50 members of the community together over refreshments and delicious hors d’ouevres served by Matthew’s Catering Company. Attendees toured the office, met the staff, learned about their services and enjoyed the warm evening weather outside on the large front porch.

Paul Formica, CT State Senator for the 20th District, kicked off the event by describing the team at Jonathan Perkins as “great representation to have in a walkable area of town.” City Council Member Alma D. Nartatez explained the firm is “the exact business and economic development that we want in New London to preserve a historic home.” Other members of the City Council who came out in support of the business included Efrain Dominguez, Jr., and Anthony Nolan. CT Representative Joe de la Cruz was also in attendance.

Attorney Perkins voiced his enthusiasm about the office and the opportunities that it provides. “It is conveniently located just steps from the court house and New London is a beautiful city. We look forward to making new connections with other professionals.”

Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers is one of Connecticut’s top accident and injury law firms that has successfully protected the interests of clients across the state for more than 30 years. The practice is eager to lend its respected legal expertise to the residents of New London County. The firm has offices in Bridgeport, Hartford, New Haven, and Waterbury.

attorney jonathan perkins cutting the ribbon in front of the new office's doorway

About Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers

For more than 30 years, Attorney Jonathan Perkins has been committed to fighting for clients who have suffered personal injuries. He has handled thousands of cases and recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in damages. Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers represents clients in practice areas including auto accidents, product liability, dog bites, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, premises liability, slip and fall accidents, wrongful death, workers’ compensation injuries and Social Security claims. Se habla Español. For more information or to schedule a FREE consultation, visit 800perkins.com or call 1-800-PERKINS.

PHOTO: From L-R: CT State Representative Joe de la Cruz, New London City Council Members Alma D. Nartatez, Efrain Dominguez, Jr. and Anthony Nolan, joined Attorney Jonathan Perkins and his wife Irit Perkins, CT State Senator Paul Formica, and President of the Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Connecticut Tony Sheridan to celebrate the official grand opening of the New London office of Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers.

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