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How to Approach an Assisted Living Facility with an Elder Abuse Claim

Elder abuse can take many forms. It can be physical, emotional, sexual or financial. It can also include abuse or fraud on the part of doctors, nurses, or healthcare facilities. People whose loved ones are residents in assisted living facilities or daycare can serve as an integral layer of protection for vulnerable elderly patients, sounding the alarm at the first sign of trouble. If you have a loved one who is a resident of an assisted living facility, it is important that you become familiar with the warning signs of elder abuse and know what to do if you suspect that something is wrong. If you know how to approach an assisted living facility with an elder abuse claim and know where to go for help, you may be able to stop your loved one from suffering serious harm.

There are many signs of abuse that you need to be aware of. Physical abuse symptoms include unexplained injuries and broken bones, signs of restraint or a caregiver’s refusal to allow you to be in the room alone with your loved one. Emotional abuse can be seen in changes in behavior, while financial abuse may be detected by reviewing your loved one’s accounts for unexplained withdrawals. Whatever the signs that raise concerns, you need to act quickly to prevent things from getting worse. Your first step when you suspect elder abuse should be to contact Adult Protective Services, and your second should be to contact an elder abuse attorney.

Adult Protective Services is an agency that is tasked with investigating abuse and intervening on behalf of the victim. Do not hesitate about contacting them when you feel concerned, as you do not need to have hard evidence to raise an alarm. What is most important is that you provide them with specific details about what you have seen so that the know what to look for. Contacting these authorities is essential, but once you have done that you also need to secure your loved one’s legal rights, and the best way to do that is to reach out to a compassionate elder abuse attorney. While the official agency may be bogged down in bureaucracy and may take some time to investigate and confirm that your loved one is a victim, an experienced elder abuse attorney will act immediately act in your loved one’s interest.

At Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers, we will not only ensure that the authorities are taking quick action to investigate your loved one’s safety, but we will also help you to document your concerns and make sure that they are addressed and that your loved one is safe. We will approach the facility with legal notifications, putting them on notice and giving them an opportunity to correct the situation. If your loved one has been harmed, we will work as their legal advocate, representing them in settlement discussions or in court so that they can get the justice that they deserve. Contact us at the first sign that your elderly loved one is in trouble for an immediate response.


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