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"I highly recommended them to anyone they are not greedy when it comes to pay out. Their clients is truly their first priority."
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Who We Are

It takes experience and a special skill set to successfully represent injured clients and get the best possible results. With this is mind, the attorneys at Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers have chosen to limit their practice exclusively to personal injury law. Unlike other kinds of attorneys, our entire firm is dedicated to aggressively representing clients who have been injured due to the negligence and wrongful acts of others.

  • Johnathan Perkins READ BIO

    Jonathan Perkins

    Personal Injury Attorney

  • Wendy Kowarik READ BIO

    Wendi Kowarik

    Personal Injury Attorney

  • Jeff Lynch READ BIO

    Jeffrey Lynch

    Personal Injury Attorney

  • Kevin Blake READ BIO

    Kevin Blake

    Workers Compensation and Social Security Disability Lawyer

  • Scott Burg READ BIO

    Scott Burg

    Personal Injury Attorney

  • Robert McCarthy READ BIO

    Robert McCarthy

    Workers Compensation and Social Security Disability Lawyer

  • Joshua Baum READ BIO

    Joshua Baum

    Employment Discrimination and Personal Injury Attorney

How We Can Help You

Most clients who come to us have never suffered a personal injury before. They have no idea what to expect or how to manage their own cases. Our team of Connecticut personal injury attorneys understands this and has created an entire case management system to ensure that clients receive the care and attention they need. We regularly remind clients to visit their doctors and keep records of all treatments, prescriptions, therapy sessions, and more. We go above and beyond the average attorney–for example, if a client has no transportation to the hospital or doctor visit, we can arrange transportation for them.

All of these details, included as part of our services, help to provide a consistent and authentic record of events, and improve the chances of obtaining a favorable verdict (and a maximum compensation payout). We want to ensure that you are taken care of during the entire litigation process.

Putting The Power Of Perkins To Work For You

Although our personal injury lawyers prepare every case for trial, about two-thirds of all cases are settled out of court. Settling a case generally works to the client’s advantage, since an agreement is carefully negotiated and crafted by a Perkins injury lawyer. The outcome of a trial may be less predictable. Settling allows the client to receive compensation without waiting for a court date or having to prepare testimony. However, if it is not possible to gain the proper compensation for clients by settling, Perkins personal injury attorneys aggressively pursue the case in the courtroom.

We have a team of experienced trial lawyers that have the desire and determination to fight for your rights in a court of law. To find out more, please contact us by calling 1-800-PERKINS. (Outside of Connecticut, call 203-397-1283.)

Alternatively, simply fill out our case evaluation form to have your claim reviewed by an experienced Perkins attorney for free.


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