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Nursing Home Checklist

Nursing Home Checklist

Before you put your loved one in nursing home, it important to thoroughly evaluate the facility to make sure it meets their needs. We have compiled a list of questions that you should ask when visiting nursing homes in Connecticut. The questions are divided into the following categories: basic information, characteristics of the staff, resident appearance, facility characteristics, resident lifestyle, food and dining, healthcare and safety accommodations.

Basic Information

Does the nursing home have a bed available?
Does the facility provide the level of care my family member needs?
Is the facility Medicare-certified?
Is the facility Medicaid-certified?
Does the facility offer specialized services, such as rehabilitation services or caring for a resident with dementia?
Is the nursing home close enough that family members and friends can visit frequently?

Staff Characteristics

Does the nursing home staff behave in a respectful manner towards residents?
Are the nursing home staff members confident and competent in their abilities?
Does the staff wear visible nametags?
Does the staff call residents called by their names?
Does the nursing home do a background check on of all their employees?
Is the staff up-to-date in training?
Has there been a recent turnover in administration?
Is there licensed nursing staff at the facility 24 hours a day?
Does the nursing home staff respond to residents’ calls in a timely manner?
Are there CNAs available to meet my loved one’s needs?
Are CNAs involved in planning resident care?

Resident Appearance and Care

Are the nursing home residents out of bed, well-groomed and appropriately dressed?
Do the residents have privacy during personal care or while receiving medical treatment?
Are residents participating in activities outside of their rooms?

Facility Characteristics

Does the nursing home appear to be clean and properly maintained?
Are the exits in the facility clearly marked?
Can two wheelchairs pass each other easily in the hallways?
Are the residents’ rooms and common areas wheelchair-accessible?
Are there visiting areas for friends and family?
Are there handrails in all of the hallways and bathrooms?
Does the facility have functioning sprinklers and smoke detectors?
Can residents decorate their rooms with personal items?
Does each resident’s room have a window?
Are resident’s allowed to choose their roommates?
Does the facility have procedures in place to ensure the safety of residents’ possessions?
Do residents have access to a personal phone and/or television?
Is the facility kept at a comfortable temperature?

Resident Lifestyle

Are there a wide range of activities that cover a broad spectrum of hobbies and interests?
Are there programs and activities for nursing home residents who are bedridden?
Is there a calendar of daily programs posted where it can be easily viewed by to all residents?
Are nursing home residents involved in the planning or choosing activities?
Does the facility offer an active volunteer program?
Is there an outdoor area accessible to residents? If yes, are staff members available to assist residents who want to go outside?

Food and Dining

Do residents have a choice of food items at each meal?
Are mealtime atmospheres appropriate and inviting?
Is the facility able to accommodate residents with special dietary needs?
Does the meal being served at the time of your visit correlate with the items on the menu?
Is the food that is being served fresh?
Are nutritious snacks available when requested by residents?
If a resident requires assistance at mealtime, are they attended to in a reasonable amount of time?
Does the facility allow residents to have visitors during mealtimes?

Healthcare and Safety Consideration

Is there a physician onsite in the event of an emergency?
Does the facility have a contract with a nearby hospital in case of an emergency?
Do residents receive preventive medical care, including hearing and vision tests?
Are residents able to continue seeing their personal doctor? If yes, does the nursing home arrange transportation for patient’s doctor’s visits?
Does the facility have an emergency evacuation plan and do they hold regular fire drills that include bedridden residents?
Are care plan meetings flexible to ensure that family members are able to attend?
If the facility failed to meet any state or federal requirements during its last inspection, have the issues been corrected?


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