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Riding in Wet Conditions

Riding in Wet Conditions

On average, Connecticut receives anywhere between 44 to 48 inches of rainfall every year. Just because it’s raining it doesn’t mean that motorcyclists have to leave their bikes at home. However, bikers do have to be careful when riding in wet conditions; the slick roads can put motorcyclists at risk for an accident.

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Tips for Riding in the Rain

Motorcyclists need to adjust their riding style during rainy weather. Following the tips below will keep bikers safe when riding in wet conditions:

Wear Appropriate Clothing

Motorcyclists should wear a rain jacket, boots and may be even an electric vest when riding in the rain; these items will help bikers stay dry during a rainstorm.

Give Yourself More Time

Allow yourself enough time to reach your destination safely. Everything takes more time in the rain (i.e. turning, braking).

Increase Your Distance

Give yourself enough space to brake safely. Motorcyclists have reduced traction on wet pavement, which causes them to take longer to stop. As rule of thumb, you should double your following distance.

Take Turns Slower

Bikers should lower their speeds when making a turn; this gives the biker a bigger margin of safety. The other motorists on the road may not realize that you’re trying to slow down. You can get their attention by gently tapping the brake lever.

Be Careful at Intersections

Always be careful when approaching intersections. Oil tends to accumulate intersections. You may not be able to see it when riding; it’s a god idea to decrease your speed when approaching the intersection. Do not run yellow lights, if you have to brake or turn suddenly you may have issues with traction. When stopped at a red light, check your mirror for vehicles that could slide into you from behind.

Stay Alert

Riding in the rain can be dangerous, so it’s imperative for motorcyclists to stay alert. Bikers should always look ahead for any potential hazards. The sooner you spot a hazard, the more time you will have to avoid it.

Ride on Dry Pavement

While this may seem obvious, many bikers will ride in a wet lane when there is a dry lane near it.

Riding in the rain can be a nerve-racking experience, but following the tips above will keep you safe in inclement weather.

Contact a Connecticut Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Although, you may operate your motorcycle safely, other motorists may drive negligently in the rain. If you or a family member was injured in motorcycle accident during rainy conditions, you may be eligible to seek legal action against the negligent party. At Jonathan Perkins Injury LawyersJonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers, we urge all motorcyclists to speak with an attorney following a collision.

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