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Hartford Car Crash Statistics

Around the world, close to 1.3 million people are killed in motor vehicle collisions each year. This averages out to about 3,287 worldwide deaths per day. In addition to those terrifying numbers, anywhere from 20 to 50 million people are injured or disabled annually across the globe. Traffic safety has been an issue across the United States for as long as most drivers can remember. As national efforts continue to reduce the number of auto accidents each year, government officials are finding power in driver education.

Generally speaking, an educated motorist, aware of the potential hazards on the roads and highways, is placed in a better position to potentially avoid an accident. Nevertheless, history has proven that the average driver will, in fact, encounter some kind of motor vehicle crash at least once during their lifetime.

Connecticut is no stranger to the massive effects that car crashes can have on the state and its inhabitants. Hartford, in particular, sees a large number of traffic collisions each year. As the capital of Connecticut, Hartford is home to a growing population and heavy tourism. While these features help the developing economy in the city, they also create crowded streets and highways. As a result, Hartford, CT is an attractive location for auto accidents to occur.

When an accident happens, victims often feel lost and unaware of what to do. Their minds are clouded with the laundry list of things to take care of, from dealing with insurance companies to taking care of crash injuries. At Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers, a Hartford auto accident lawyer will take the time to get to know your case. In doing so, accident victims are able to concentrate on recovery while our staff handles every aspect of the litigation process.

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Hartford, CT Fast Facts

Understanding the interworking of the city of Hartford often helps motorists to put things in perspective in terms of driving habits and what to look out for on the roads. As a thriving city and Connecticut’s state capital, tourism is a huge sector of the city. The appeal of Hartford brings in travelers from all over the world. In addition, Hartford is one of the United States’ oldest cities. With almost 400 years of inherent history, it is no secret why out-of-towners choose to visit this great city.

Before we shed light on the current traffic conditions in Hartford, here are a few fast facts:

  • Hartford’s nickname is the “Insurance Capital of the World”
  • Insurance is Hartford’s main industry
  • Due the its suburban population, heavy traffic usually totals 10 times the city’s actual population
  • Hartford’s highways see thousands of travelers on the highways each and every day
  • I-84 typically receives the most traffic, especially during rush hour

Hopefully the above facts shed some light on the reasons behind the many traffic collisions that occur every day on the treacherous roads and highways. If you have been involved in a traffic crash, a Hartford auto accident attorney from Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers is prepared to handle your litigation procedures in their entirety.

Traffic Crashes in the United States

While the United States has actually seen an overall decrease in the number of motor vehicle crashes occurring each year, they have not seen a decrease in associated injuries. This indicates the onset of distracted driving and speeding as two noticeable impairments to regularly navigating the roads across the U.S. However, the country has seen a decline in the number of traffic fatalities, a promising fact for the future of driving.

Unfortunately, about 2.24 million people were injured an auto accident in 2010 across the nation. As the population is every state in the country continues to increase, streets will consistently become more and more crowded. When traffic is heavy, motorists must pay special attention to their driving habits and do their best to avoid an accident.

Distracted driving has been linked to the most traffic collisions in recent years. With a number of available distractions today, the average driver admits that they have used their mobile device at least once while operating a vehicle. Driving while distracted by a cellular phone or GPS system affects a person’s visual, cognitive, and physical abilities to safely drive from destination to destination. These distractions cost 3,092 lives in 2010.

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Hartford Auto Accident Statistics

Traffic crashes in Hartford have taken the lives of far too many Connecticut residents. Unfortunately, as more and more drivers enter the roads, the likelihood of a collision increases. When a crash does occur, victims take comfort in knowing that a Hartford auto accident lawyer is there to help guide them throughout the litigation process. However, understanding the current state of car accidents in Connecticut will prove to be helpful in avoiding a collision.

The following are some of the most important Hartford auto accident statistics:

  • 319 people died in Connecticut accidents in 2010
  • Connecticut had the greatest upsurge in the number of motor vehicle fatalities
  • From 2009 to 2010, Connecticut saw a 42 percent increase in traffic-related deaths
  • 124 people in Connecticut died due to speeding in 2010
  • 52 motorcyclists died in 2010, 36 of which were not wearing a helmet at the time of the crash

Remaining aware of the current driving conditions in Hartford is one of the best ways to be a defensive driver. By increasing awareness, motorists place themselves in a position to avoid an accident before it begins. Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers believe that an educated driver is a safe driver.

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Motor vehicle collisions in Hartford, CT cause a number of different injuries. While these traffic injuries range in severity, many of them are triggered by drivers who lack the awareness that is necessary to safely navigate the crowded Connecticut roads. At Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers, we understand the hazards associated with driving on these heavily trafficked roads.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to a motor vehicle crash in Connecticut, a Hartford auto accident lawyer from our firm is prepared to help you today. Combining years of experience, unmatched resources, and a shared passion for representing the injured, our firm is second to none in customer service and personal attention.

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