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Types of Football Injuries – From an Experienced CT Injury Attorney

Football has been called America’s game, and it is the dream of moms and dads across the country to see their sons suit up and compete on the grid iron. Though playing the game seems like a wonderful way to teach teamwork and encourage athleticism, it has a dark side. Football has the dubious distinction of being the number one sport in the nation for player injuries, and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has reported that in 2007 alone, over 920,000 children under the age of 18 have received medical treatment in clinics, doctors’ offices and emergency rooms. Though accidents can happen, many of these injuries are a result of negligence in supervision or in the manufacturing and design of safety equipment. If your child suffered a football injury that you believe was preventable, the experienced CT injury attorneys at Jonathan Perkins Attorneys at Law can help. Contact us today and we’ll set up an appointment to review your case.

There are a number of different types of football injuries. The most common of these are trauma, overuse injuries, heat injuries and head injuries.


Trauma refers to any type of injury that is the result of full contact. In most cases football players suffer trauma to their knees and ankles as a result of the particular type of moves used on the field to avoid being tackled. Football players frequently tear their ACL or PCL or damage their meniscus; ankle sprains and fractures are also common, as are injuries to the shoulder.


Overuse injuries are often the result of putting wear and tear on the body too quickly without adequate training or strengthening. The most common overuse injuries seen in football players are patellar tendinitis or low back pain.


Heat is a particular concern for those who live in the southern climates, but even in the northern regions football players who practice during their preseason in the late summer have been known to be overcome by heat exhaustion. Some players have died as a result.


Head injuries, and particularly concussions, are extremely common among football players. Though helmet designs have been improved, the nature of the game means that players are constantly striking one another’s heads, and this can result in severe trauma that has recently been connected to cognitive and memory problems later in life.

When your child plays football, it is supposed to be a positive experience, but being injured by any of these types of football injuries can have a profound impact on their quality of life now and in the future. If your child has suffered an injury that you believe is the result of negligence, we can help you to get the financial compensation that you need and deserve. Contact the experienced CT injury attorneys at Jonathan Perkins Attorneys at Law to set up a free consultation.


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