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Tips for Suing a Retail Location for Personal Injuries

retail personal injuryPursuing a personal injury case against a retail location has a similar process as any other injury-related lawsuit. However, there are some tips to make the process a bit smoother with this specific type of defendant. Depending on your own specific case, there are different steps you will have to take for a successful claim. Even still, the following tips can be helpful in determining your best move.

Seek Medical Treatment

If you refuse medical attention after the accident, not only will it hinder your ability to prove your injury, it will appear you were not hurt. Even if you believe you are fine after a shopping-related accident, it makes good sense to seek medical attention to be sure. This is also a smart move health-wise, as many injuries appear later on. But most importantly, it serves as an important piece of evidence and base for damages.

Request Surveillance Video

In many cases, facts will be disputed from the case. Video surveillance provides more concrete evidence to support one side or the other during the lawsuit. Legally, the retail store is required to provide this evidence. If they refuse or claim it has been destroyed or doesn’t exist, it could actually benefit the plaintiff’s case, as it looks suspicion on the part of the retailer.

Statute of Limitations

An important consideration for any lawsuit is the statute of limitations on it. Depending on the state in which the injury occurred, you will have a different amount of time to file your claim. In Connecticut, the law stipulates a claim must be filed within two years of the injury. This means from the date of injury, you have two years to file the claim. It does not limit how long the process can take, only when the claim must be filed by.


If there were witnesses to your injury, it is important to get a statement from them. Getting the actual statement can be done by your legal team, but it is important you get their information for a later statement at the time of the incident, as it can be difficult to find them later. Having unbiased third parties corroborate your story can be a powerful piece of evidence for a personal injury case.

The most important step is finding the right legal team. At Jonathan Perkins Personal Injury Lawyers, we understand the intricacies of a personal injury claim in Connecticut. Contact us today to learn more.


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