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Symptoms of Motorcycle Road Rash – Getting Compensated for Your Injuries

The joys of riding a motorcycle are offset by the risks that are involved. No matter how safe a driver a motorcyclist may be, and no matter how much protective gear they outfit themselves with, they are always at the mercy of the other drivers who are on the road. Far too often, the drivers of passenger cars completely ignore motorcyclists, or worse yet, tend to drive aggressively or overly defensively when they catch sight of them. The result can be devastating, as motorcyclists who are in accidents with passenger cars and trucks almost always get the worst outcomes in a collision. One of the most common injuries that motorcyclists suffer is motorcycle road rash, a painful abrasion that happens when the skin comes into sudden contact with the ground. If you are a motorcyclist or passenger on a motorcycle who has been in an accident and suffered motorcycle road rash, you may be eligible for compensation from the driver responsible for your injury. At Jonathan Perkins Attorneys at Law, we have a long record of successfully representing the victims of accidents, and we can help you get the compensation that you need.


Motorcycle road rash is also known as a road burn injury, and it can be extremely painful. They generally occur when a rider is either thrown from their bike or are dragged while still on their bike. A motorcycle road rash can be extremely serious, requiring emergency treatment and in some cases hospitalization and complex surgeries. There are several different types of road burn or road rash injuries, including:

  • Compression Injuries – When a motorcyclist is in an accident, it is common for their arm, leg, hands or feet to become wedged between two objects, such as the bike and the road or the motorcycle and the other vehicle. The resulting compression can lead to serious injuries, as bones can be crushed in these incidents.
  • Avulsion Injuries – Avulsion describes the stripping away of layers of skin when the body is dragged rapidly across cement, gravel, or dirt. In the most high-impact injuries, skin is not the only thing that is stripped away – sometimes fat and muscle are also. The results can lead to devastating scarring, and deep wounds may even require amputation of the limb.
  • Lacerations Requiring Stitches – When the skin tears open due to impact at high speed, stitches are required to close the open area. There is a risk of infection and scarring.

When a motorcycle road rash is a result of another driver’s negligence, that driver can be held legally responsible for your medical bills, lost wages during recovery, as well as your pain and suffering. Though people are often quick to blame the motorcyclist, most accidents involving motorcycles are caused by negligence on the part of the driver of the passenger car. For help determining whether you are the victim of negligence, call the lawyers at Jonathan Perkins Attorneys at Law. We will listen carefully, investigate thoroughly, and aggressively pursue those who are responsible for your pain.

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