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Preparing for a Personal Injury Trial

personal injury trialIf you have been injured and have sought legal representation, the hope is that you can settle without having to go to trial. Of course, this is not always the case. There are times when the two parties cannot come to terms that both can agree to. When this happens, the case will have to be overseen by a judge and jury. This can be concerning for those seeking damages in a personal injury case. For some, they assume because they have to go to trial that the outcome will not be in their favor.

This is not necessarily the case. In fact, if your legal representation has decided the offers were not good enough and has decided to go to trial, there is often a good chance you are sitting on a potentially profitable case. After all, in cases of personal injury, if you don’t get paid, they won’t get paid. It isn’t often an attorney will decide to take action in a case if they could get the money they deserve through other means as trials take more money and time, which is also money when you’re a lawyer.

Each trial is handled differently, which is the first thing someone should understand while preparing for trial. Depending on your case, your lawyer will have different experts and witnesses that will collaborate the narrative of defense you have devised with your legal counsel. In most cases with personal injury, there is an ongoing discussion between the two sides of legal representation. In some cases, you will have a trial set only to get a more appropriate offer the day prior, which is often what your lawyer is after.

By letting the other side know they are ready and prepared to go to trial, often the other party will decide to settle. If the case does move forward into a trial, your lawyer will let you know what to expect. Be sure to dress appropriately and to show respect to the judge, as this is the person with the most influence over how your trial will proceed. Further, be sure to understand the in’s and out’s of your defense and have a list of who will serve as a witness in your trial. The more you understand about your defense, the calmer and more believable you will appear in court.

If you have not yet found a personal injury lawyer that has seen success in court, contact us today. We have years of experience getting the compensation our clients deserve after a personal injury.


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