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Preparing for Deposition in a Personal Injury Case

preparation for depositionWhen a personal injury case gets to deposition, it’s important to be prepared for the process that will come. From the types of questions to what will bode in your favor, preparation is key for success. While no one ever wants to do homework, especially in their adulthood, a little research can go a long way. In fact, knowing what is to come helps a lot of plaintiffs get rid of pre-deposition jitters and sound more honest during questioning.


One of the biggest components of deposition for a personal injury case is the questioning from the defense attorney. These questions will cover the following areas:

  • How the injury impacts daily life such as what you are no longer able to do and what you are still able to do but at a lower capacity.
  • How the accident occurred, if there were witnesses, and if anyone was spoken to after the accident and what they said, along with other information about the accident itself.
  • Your physical condition prior to the injury. This could be anything from if you broke your dominant versus non-dominant hand, or if you had back issues prior to a back injury. The purpose is to understand what type of impact the injury had and if other conditions worsened or lessened the severity of the injury.
  • Medical treatment and your physical condition after the accident and injury. This includes questions such as if you went to the hospital, who you were treated by, which injuries were sustained as a direct result of the accident, if you saw your family doctor, and if you required surgery, how long you were unable to work.
  • Basic background information will also be needed such as name, address, your date of birth, work history, and so on.

A deposition isn’t as scary as it sounds. For the most part, it’s a sequence of questioning that helps both sides understand the accident, the injuries, and how it impacted the plaintiff’s life. This is to help both sides have fair access to relevant information in a case and shouldn’t be a cause for concern. Contact us today if you have questions about how your deposition could affect your case.


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