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Poor Visibility Doesn’t Just Increase Car Accidents, It’s Illegal

low visibility car accidentsWhen it begins to rain, it’s time to turn the headlights on. This should be common sense, as rain makes for poor visibility when driving. While this should be incentive enough for motorists to take it upon themselves to turn their lights on, it is also illegal in the state of Connecticut to leave them off. This is because a large number of accidents happen within the state during snowstorms, misting, raining and other ailment weather, prompting lawmakers to create laws to address the increase in accidents.

The increase in accidents can be attributed to the lower visibility associated with such weather. Fog that occurs during rainstorms during hotter weather or the blindness that comes with snow can make it so motorists cannot see in front of their vehicles. Illumination can help the situation by literally shedding light on what is to come for the driver. Despite the visual aid that proper illumination gives during weather ailments, far too many Connecticut-based motorists opt not to use such lighting during the weather.

Connecticut General Statutes Section 14 – 96 (a)

As previously stated, driving in such conditions without proper illumination is not just ill-advised; it’s illegal. The relevant part of the listed law in Connecticut states each vehicle that travels on highways within the state of Connecticut is required to use lighted lamps and illuminating devices at the following times:

  • All times that fall between 30 minutes after sunset and 30 minutes before sunrise
  • When unfavorable atmospheric conditions make people and vehicles on the road imperceptible from 500 feet away. These conditions include fog, heavy rain, snowfall, and any other weather event that lowers visibility to under 500 feet for motorists.
  • Any time when there is a period of precipitation such as periods of snow, rain or fog. However, other precipitation that affects visibility is also subject to the same condition.

Poor visibility comes from a number of factors from hail and sleet to freezing rain and snow. Driving safely is the responsibility of the motorist operating their vehicle. If you have been injured due to the negligence of another motorist during inclement weather, contact our team today.


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