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Nurse Was Stealing Pills from Patients

West Hartford police have charged Lisa Czarnecke with stealing narcotics from patients at an assisted living facility. In May, law enforcement began investigating Czarnecke after a patient’s family noticed changes in the patient’s Percocet and Oxycodone pills. The family noticed large quantities of the pills were missing and a refill was ordered even though the patient had a sufficient supply of pills.

Another nurse at the assisted living facility noticed that some of the pills had been replaced with Tylenol and Metformin, a diabetes medication.

Allegedly Czarnecke was stealing the narcotics and replacing them with Metformin that she had stolen from another patient at the facility. The police believe that the nurse was feeding her own drug habit.

NBC Connecticutreports that Czarnecke was charged with larceny, illegal possession of narcotics and reckless endangerment.

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