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New London Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

If you or someone you know has been injured while on the job, Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers can help make sure your workers’ compensation claim goes through successfully. Being injured on the job is painful and could have an impact on your long-term health, and you deserve to receive compensation for your injuries.

While filing for workers’ compensation benefits may seem like an easy and straightforward process, it can be difficult to navigate, and claims are regularly denied because of small mistakes on the part of the applicant. To overcome this barrier and ensure you receive the assistance you need and deserve, you will need the services of a New London workers’ compensation attorney.

Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers has been making sure employees in New London get compensation for injuries that occur while working for decades. We have a team of lawyers that are well versed in workers’ comp laws, and we can make sure you put the best case forward for full compensation for your injuries. Call our team at (860) 772-2280, so we can start the process right away.

Your Next Step Should Be Getting a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Many people assume they can handle their workers’ compensation claims on their own. In a stressful moment when money is among their chief concerns, it can seem reasonable to try to fill out forms and provide evidence on your own instead of going to the bother and expense of bringing in a lawyer.

This choice, however, can have profoundly negative consequences. Many workers’ compensation claims are rejected simply because those applying don’t understand how to do so. The process is actually quite difficult to manage for those who aren’t familiar with it.

To successfully get approved for workers’ compensation, you need to have organized information, correctly filled out documents, access to medical records, and potentially, the ability to provide a clear case to the Workers’ Compensation Commission, your employers, and outside insurers. Not all of these people will be interested in taking your side, so you need to have the facts straight, the story clear, and the evidence there to back you up, all of which a workers’ compensation lawyer can provide.

Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers Has New London’s Best Team of Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

Injuries in the workplace are devastatingly serious. Even relatively minor injuries can require significant time off of work and significant medical expenses. Understanding your case, your work, and how best to present your claim is crucial to receiving full workers’ compensation. Not every law firm can provide that kind of service, but Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers can.

We have been representing New London workers for decades, and we have helped individuals in every imaginable profession. Whether you’re a doctor, a firefighter, or a waiter, we know how to make the best case for you and get all of the compensation you are entitled to.

Our client-focused team has been awarded by our peers and by those we have assisted for years of quality service. The National Association of Distinguished Counsel lists us as part of the Nation’s Top One Percent of lawyers.

We’ve earned those awards by providing the best legal services to the injured and harmed in New London year after year, after year. We know the best way to take care of our clients, and the best way to make your case strongest.

The Workers’ Compensation Benefits You May Be Entitled To

Not only is the workers’ compensation application process complicated, the compensation itself is not always easy to understand. To get a better understanding of just what you may be entitled to, we have provided a simplified version of benefits here.

Workers’ compensation comes in two forms: medical benefits and wage loss benefits.

  • Medical benefits refer to all medical costs that result from your injury. That includes immediate treatment, subsequent doctor’s visits, medication, and physical therapy. No limit is placed on the costs for medical benefits. All costs should be covered.
  • Wage loss benefits are more complicated. This broad category includes disabilities, disfigurement, and death. Different categories have different set limits depending on the specifics of the case, the difficulties you are dealing with, and whether they are temporary or permanent.
    • Temporary total disability, as the name suggests, refers to injuries that cover a substantial amount of the body but can heal over a set amount of time. The injured individual can earn up to 75% of total wages they were making before the accident, minus taxes. Compensation should continue throughout recovery.
    • Temporary partial disability refers to injuries to a specific part of the body that is expected to heal by a certain time.
    • Permanent total disability is for injuries that affect the whole body and will continue indefinitely. Pay can be up to 75% of pre-injury wages (minus, again, taxes), but will depend on the severity of the disability.
    • Permanent partial disability is of a similar type but is once again localized.

Discretionary wage differential can make up for some of the lost wages that aren’t covered under partial disability, but it is up to the commissioner to decide whether this applies to your case.

Disfigurement on the head, neck, or body that affects future employment can receive a one-time payment with no minimum or maximum set by the state.

Death is the final instance of so-called “wage loss” benefits. These benefits are provided to families for a set amount of time and can also cover costs like those related to funerals.

As you can see, compensation is complex in these cases, and you will need a good lawyer to help you understand just what you qualify for and how you can get it.

Get the Assistance You Deserve Now by Contacting Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers Today

Ensuring you get full workers’ compensation is your number one priority right now, so you need a lawyer who can help you achieve that.

If you or someone you know is going through the workers’ compensation process right now in New London, contact Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers at (860) 772-2280 to get the assistance you’re looking for today.

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