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New London Class Action Attorneys

Faulty Products Can Harm Many Individuals. You Are Not Alone.

Were you hurt by a defective product? Did you suffer harm due to the side effects of a pharmaceutical drug? If so, the best course of action might be to file a class-action lawsuit against the party responsible. When you need help like this, turn to the New London class action lawyers of Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers to get the qualified legal counsel you need.

Class action suits bring together a group of individuals or small businesses that have been harmed by faulty products, improperly tested drugs, or unfair business practices. These cases can lead to huge settlements from some of the biggest corporations in the world, but the cases are so big and complex themselves, they require experienced and highly qualified legal assistance from class action lawyers.

The lawyers at Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers are award-winning, case-winning, experienced lawyers that know how to bring together a vast case and aggressively fight for compensation against businesses of any size. We’ve been representing the people of New London for decades, and we know how to pursue a winning strategy no matter how complex your case is.

If you or someone you know has suffered due to the effects of bad products, practices, or other potential class action issues, contact Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers today at (860) 772-2280 so we can set up a free, no obligation consultation right away.

Lawyers Are Central to Class Action Lawsuits

A class action suit is by its very definition almost impossible to pursue without legal representation. To begin with, it requires a large upfront expense that is beyond the means of almost any individual. A knowledge of the legal system and the class action process is required to bring together plaintiffs and prepare a case that can stand up against some of the best lawyers in the country.

Big corporations will use their legal might and their powerful lawyers to delay and raise costs in an effort to discourage those they know deserve compensation. Only with the assistance of a lawyer can those who have been harmed by the company overcome these obstacles to receive the compensation they need and are entitled to.

Bring Your Class Action Cases to Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers

A class action case, perhaps above many other types of cases, requires a truly experienced and knowledgeable legal hand to overcome the initial difficulties described above. At Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers, we have what it takes to win these difficult cases.

We have more than 140 years of combined legal experience, which we are able to harness for our clients’ benefit against the expensive legal tactics of any corporation. We have the resources to cover the initial expenses and wait out or defeat the delaying efforts of those corporate lawyers.

Our lawyers are also award-winning, having been noted for their success in the courtroom and with our clients. We’ve been recognized as Distinguished lawyers by our peers through Martindale-Hubbell. Our clients made us one of the 10 Best Attorneys according to the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys. Our founder, Jonathan Perkins, has been named to the Nation’s Top One Percent of lawyers by the National Association of Distinguished Counsel.

Beyond awards, our firm has a long history of winning big cases, including many that resulted in millions in settlements. We know what it takes to take on a corporation that has wronged our clients. We have means, the experience, the knowledge, and the creditability to help you.

Class Action Cases We Can Handle for You

Class action refers to the type of case, but it is a very broad category. Many of our clients aren’t clear on whether we’re able to help them with their specific case and its specific claims.

To help make this clearer, here are some of the most common types of class actions, all of which we are happy and capable of taking on:

  • Defective products: This is perhaps the most common class action case, at least by perception. When products don’t work as they are supposed to, it can lead to dangerous results. Defective products can include malfunctioning parts in children’s toys, cars, motorcycles, or building materials, just to name a few.
  • Dangerous medication: Drugs are meant to make you healthier and feel better, so when they are improperly designed or manufactured, the results can be horrific. Defective and dangerous drugs and medical practices can result in suffering, life-long disabilities, and even death. Dangerous drugs can include over-the-counter medication, prescription drugs, defective contraception, or defective surgical materials. A class action case can make businesses remove these harmful drugs and materials from the marketplace and pay for the harm they’ve already done.
  • Environmental: We all have to breathe the air and drink the water, so when a company improperly pollutes these and other resources, we have the right to push back with a class action case. These cases can result not just in compensation but requiring businesses to change their behavior and make the environment cleaner.
  • Employment: Employment cases are often about individuals, but when a company has a policy that affects many workers, then a class action suit is required. These cases can deal with improper paying of wages, working hours, harassment, discrimination, and other business-wide practices.
  • Financial: Many businesses have a history of going beyond the law to increase profits at the expense of customers. These issues can include predatory lending and fraud. A class action suit forces these companies to change behavior and provide compensation for those they harmed financially.

Contact Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers to Start Moving Your Class Action Case Forward

Even when a case seems impossible because it means taking on a huge business and bringing together thousands of individuals, that doesn’t mean you can’t pursue it; it just means you need the right help.

If you or someone you know has been harmed by a business in a way that might lead to a class action case, contact the New London lawyers at Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers to set up a free consultation. Call us at (860) 772-2280 so we can start your class action case today.

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