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New Haven Tailgating Accident Lawyers

Tailgating is undoubtedly a form of reckless driving. Tailgaters endanger the drivers around them by speeding up and following the cars in front of them too closely. In many cities, tailgating is illegal and punishable by large fines. Drivers who fail to abide by local regulations prohibiting tailgating are both reckless and negligent, and often exhibit dangerous displays of aggression. Even non-aggressive drivers who tailgate simply because they’re late negligently endanger other motorists. Though most people are educated on the importance of adhering to crucial traffic laws, some people see themselves as above the law and tailgate, putting motorists around them at serious risk.

Accidents caused by tailgating are awful experiences. The fear associated with any car accident is exacerbated by the aggression commonly displayed by those who cause tailgating accidents. In some cases, drivers will blare their horns or yell at other drivers in order to bully them into moving out of the lane, only to end up hitting them anyway by following too closely. Moving out of the way isn’t always good enough to tame an aggressive or impatient driver.

People are often victims of tailgating accidents in extenuating circumstances, such as when moving from a lane to avoid a tailgater would cause a traffic violation. These worst-case scenarios are most unfortunate for the victims of tailgating accidents, and they deserve an experienced attorney who can ensure that reckless drivers are held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

If you have been hurt in a tailgating accident, you’re fully aware of how this reckless driving behavior can cause serious and irrevocable damage, as well as lasting mental and emotional trauma. You don’t have to seek justice alone. Call the New Haven tailgating accident attorneys Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers today at (203) 397-1283 to schedule a free consultation so we can walk you through your legal options, the steps for filing a claim, and how we can fight for you. Rest assured that we can help you focus on healing and getting your life back on track after your accident.

Why do I need a lawyer for my tailgating accident?

Some attorneys are trained and well-versed in representing people who engage in dangerous traffic violations. These attorneys have experience litigating against victims of harrowing accidents that left were left traumatized in the wake of aggressive driving behavior. You deserve representation, too. If you have been injured by the actions of someone who acted negligently and aggressively on the road, you deserve an attorney that will fight for your rights against those that hurt you.

Many people who disobey traffic laws see their actions as acceptable. Our attorneys believe that these violations are serious matters. Tailgating can be as dangerous as other actions widely known to be reckless, such as drunk driving, texting while driving, or speeding. All of these driving behaviors can put others at risk of serious injury, and we do not take them lightly.

This is why getting an attorney to fight for your rights is so important. Attorneys fighting for reckless drivers consider these cases open-and-shut traffic violations. Hiring an attorney to fight for you will ensure that your accident is taken seriously and treated with the understanding it deserves.

Why should I choose Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers?

Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers are extensively trained and experienced in representing clients who have been harmed by the actions of negligent drivers. Our attorneys understand how complicated and devastating these types of accidents can be. It is completely unfair for a safe, responsible driver to be injured by the recklessness of another without compensation.

Victims of tailgating accidents find themselves in need of medical attention and legal guidance after other drivers in their vicinity reject outright the rules of the road. If you or someone you love has been seriously injured in an accident involving another driver who ignored laws against tailgating, you need to pursue legal action immediately. You deserve fair and full compensation for your losses.

The professionals of Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers bring decades of legal experience in personal injury cases to the table. We understand the importance of dedication, compassion, and personal attention in all of our cases, and offer all of our clients the respectful treatment and honest guidance they deserve.

Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers aims to help the Connecticut community by providing critical legal care for injured people in need. We are ready to fight aggressively on your behalf to counter the reckless actions of the people or persons who caused your accident. Because we work on a contingency fee basis, you will not pay us a cent for our legal services unless we secure compensation for you.

Cases We Handle at Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers

Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers has offices throughout the state of Connecticut, including New Haven, Bridgeport, Hartford, Waterbury, and New London to conveniently serve you.

We have decades of experience securing maximum settlements for victims of car accidents. Some common accidents that result from tailgating include:

  • Multi-car pile-ups
  • Rear-end collisions
  • Sideswipe accidents
  • Side-impact crashes
  • Single-vehicle crashes
  • Truck underride collisions
  • Vehicle rollovers

Frequently Asked Questions about Tailgating

What should I do if someone is tailgating me?

If someone is tailgating you, there are several important things to remember. First, give aggressive drivers as much space as possible. Any driver ignoring critical traffic rules should be avoided. Tailgating is incredibly dangerous and can cause a serious accident.

If you are able, you should switch lanes to allow the other driver room to pass you. In some cases, aggressive drivers will attempt to make contact with others on the road. In these situations, ignore the driver as best as possible and focus on the road. If the aggression persists or if the driver begins to follow you, you should notify law enforcement immediately.

Can I pursue legal action even if I was partially at fault for the crash?

Yes. The state of Connecticut operates on the doctrine of comparative negligence, which ensures that accident victims can still receive the compensation they deserve, even if they are partially at fault for the accident.

The court will assign a percentage of blame to each party and then subtracts that quantification of fault from your settlement.

For example, comparative negligence can take effect in a situation in which one driver misses a stop sign, and the person they hit does not alert them to their presence because of improper maintenance of their car’s horn. The driver that missed the stop sign may claim in court that the person they hit was partially at fault for this reason. The court may assign 10 percent of the blame to the person that was hit, and 90 percent of the blame to the driver who ran the stop sign. Thus, if the victim is seeking $100,000 in compensation, they would be awarded 90 percent, or $90,000.

Anyone involved in an automobile accident in Connecticut may receive compensation, provided that they are less than 50 percent at fault for the accident. An attorney can help you present a solid argument for why you are less than half at fault for the accident and ensure you obtain the maximum possible compensation for your injuries.

How expensive is legal representation?

Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers offer comprehensive personal injury services at no charge until we win you maximum compensation for your losses. We believe that after becoming a victim of a harrowing accident, you should not have to worry excessively about hiring or directing your legal representation. While your efforts are focused on healing from your collision, our efforts will be honed in on building a strong case against the negligent driver who caused your accident.

We work tirelessly to win you the maximum compensation permitted for the value of your claim. We aim to secure you a settlement that will cover your medical bills, loss of time from work, and pain and suffering. Once we do, we take a percentage of the payout to satisfy fees for our investigative and legal work. Our fees are fair and reflect our dedication to serving the community of Connecticut in times of need.

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Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers are ready and willing to take on your tailgating accident case and fight for you after your rights have been violated by a reckless driver who failed to respect your safety by breaking the laws of Connecticut roadways.

Again, all of our services are offered to you on a contingency fee basis, so you pay nothing until we win you the maximum settlement for your claim. Call us today for your free consultation at (203) 397-1283 and read about our experienced lawyers online.

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