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"I highly recommended them to anyone they are not greedy when it comes to pay out. Their clients is truly their first priority."
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New Britain Accident and Injury Attorneys

Insurance companies are notorious for refusing legitimate claims. Our auto accident attorney Gregory Goodstein has represented insurers in the past, so he has a deep understanding of how insurers operate. Mr. Goodstein uses this leverage to negotiate the best settlement possible.

Car accident attorney Paul Clyons also has a wealth of knowledge about how insurance companies handle claims. No other car accident lawyer will fight insurance companies like Paul Clyons and Gregory Goodstein.

Top auto accident lawyer Jonathan Perkins has a very high success rate in getting his clients the compensation they require. No other auto accident attorney will get you the funds and peace of mind you deserve.

The top two industries in New Britain are construction and metal fabrication. Fabricating metal is dangerous work and injuries from this type of work occur too often. If you have been wrongfully injured in a metal-working environment, contact a personal injury attorney at Perkins for a free consultation.

Construction accounts for 9.4% of jobs in the area, and construction-related injuries are even more common than injuries from metal fabrication. When you need a personal injury lawyer who understands the construction industry, call Perkins Personal Injury Lawyers. We can help.

Contact a New Britain Auto Accident Attorney

Perkins personal injury lawyers represent injury victims in the New Britain area and across Connecticut. If you have been wrongfully hurt in an auto accident, lawyer Jonathan Perkins and his team will resolve your case with professionalism and courtesy.


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