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Lasik Errors: What To Do If You’ve Been Injured

Lasik eye surgery has become extremely popular over the last few years, offering improved vision for people who are nearsighted, far sighted and who have astigmatism. LASIK stands for laser in-situ keratomileusis, and it describes the use of an instrument called a microkeratome or femtosecond laser. The laser creates a thin flap in the cornea, which can then be peeled back to allow another laser to reshape the tissue underneath. The corneal flap is then put back into place, and when all goes right, the patient is left with corrected vision. The surgery has the advantage of being largely successful and relatively painless. The effect is nearly immediate and the patient does not require any bandages or stitches.

Unfortunately, though the majority of Lasik surgeries result in extremely satisfied patients, there are many who are dissatisfied with the procedure and who suffer injuries as a result. The risks include loss of some vision and the development of double vision, or visual symptoms including glare and halos. Some patients find that the reshaping of their corneal tissue results in under-treatment or overtreatment, which ends with them requiring glasses or contacts to correct what has been done, while others develop a condition known as severe dry eye syndrome in which the eyes can’t produce enough tears to remain moist.  This can be painful and can have a negative impact on sight as well.

There are a number of reasons why these permanent problems can occur, including a lack of adequate screening before the surgery — some patients are simply not good candidates for the procedure, but surgeons anxious to bill more clients forge ahead. Poor surgical technique, improper use of equipment and insufficient follow-up after the surgery can also be problems, and unfortunately, once the cornea is damaged there is little that can be done to repair it.

If you have undergone LASIK surgery and have been injured by the procedure, there are a number of steps that you can take. These include filing a medical malpractice lawsuit against the surgeon or ophthalmologist who performed the surgery and filing a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer of the equipment that was used during the procedure.

  • A medical malpractice suit aims at establishing that a medical professional has failed to perform up to the standards that are expected, and that as a result the patient has been injured
  • A product liability lawsuit aims at establishing that the equipment that was used was either defective or dangerous, and that as a result the patient has been injured

The success of a medical malpractice lawsuit or product liability lawsuit often relies on the experience and knowledge of the attorney that you choose to represent you. If you have suffered an injury as a result of LASIK surgery, the attorneys at Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers can help. We are compassionate aggressive lawyers who have a successful record of winning the maximum compensation on behalf of our clients. Contact us today.

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