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Increased Risk of a Slip and Fall Accident in Autumn

slip and fallAutumn is most people’s favorite season and for good reason. Between the fashion styles, seasonal drinks and the crisp feeling in the air, along with the impending holiday season, it can be a time of celebration and appreciation. However, the season also comes with a long list of risks for slipping and fall. These injuries can be serious but many of them can be avoided by understanding what hazards pose the biggest risk to personal safety.

Less Sunlight

Many people’s least favorite part of the season can also pose the biggest risk to safety. As the sun starts to set earlier and earlier in the day, there is less light to make judgment when walking after working or to get to your car. By having less light, there is lower visibility. This can mean slipping on wet surfaces that you would have otherwise noticed or tripping over a hole that should have been easy to spot.

Weather Hazards

In Connecticut, snow and ice are a threat soon into temperatures dropping. Whether there is frost from the night before or a light snow has come through, these hazards pose a big risk for slipping as they create slick surfaces. Add in the hazard of less light, and many are unable to see the hazards as they approach them. Being prudent and using illumination when walking through the dark can help avoid these potential risks.

Wet Walkways and Roads

Even when there hasn’t been any ailment weather, there is still a risk for wet walkways and roads from the morning dew and frost. Further, during the fall, leaves begin to fall off the trees, which can also create wet surfaces for walking and driving. Tile, brick, metal and glass are even more of a risk from the slickness that comes from the water that runs off the leaves.

Falling Objects

When the wind picks up and as the trees begin their winter hibernation, many items will be falling down. Most notably, tree branches fall often during this time. When you aren’t looking directly down and in front of yourself during this time, it can be easy to trip over a fallen branch or other items. In some cases, a fallen branch could have been on a property that should have been cleared for passersby. If a municipality or private owner breached their duty of care owed to you as a passerby, contact our team to discuss your potential case.


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