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Homeowners Prepare for Storms to Avoid Personal Injury Cases

personal injury casesWhether it is a rain or snow storm, ailment weather has the potential to create hazards. These hazards are important to keep in mind when you own a home as a fallen branch can quickly turn into a personal injury case. With Autumn on the horizon, there are other hazards that can quickly accumulate.

So how can homeowners protect themselves during a storm? For starters, the gutters of the home should be inspected regularly but particularly when a storm is coming in. The gutters and downspouts of a home are prone to clogging from debris and fallen leaves. Branches should be cleared from the backyard ahead of time to lower the amount of debris that could become airborne during a storm. Dead plants should also be removed from the property.

Preparation Tips for Storms

There are some preparations that should be made before a storm, both to avoid personal injuries and to increase safety in general while also protecting the expensive items in your home. The following list will help avoid big costs for homeowners:

  • An emergency kit should be created ahead of any storms. This kit should include first aid items and food that does not need to be prepared for consumption.
  • Gas ranges and BBQ or grills should never be used indoors, even if it gets cold, as they could lead to disaster.
  • If possible, purchase a generator, as this can be one of the best defenses against a storm for backup power.
  • If possible, use flashlights and other battery-operated sources of light if the power goes out. This will significantly lower the risk for fire, which drastically increases with the use of candles.
  • Expensive electronics, such as televisions and computers, should be unplugged before a storm, or at least before it becomes severe. A power surge could lead to a lot of lost equipment.

Depending on your specific home, there may be other preparations that need to be made. The best thing to do is walk through your home and make a list of what areas of the home could need attention if a major storm should come through. By creating a list ahead of time, preparations will be a quick process, letting you focus on keeping everyone safe rather than running through your home last minute. If a personal injury does occur on your property, contact our team. We will help protect your rights.


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