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Wrongful Death

If you lost a family member due to someone else’s actions, we can help you find closure.

When a family member dies because of someone’s negligent behavior, the loved ones left behind may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit. A wrongful death lawsuit provides financial compensation to pay for the deceased’s final expenses, as well as to compensate for the family’s emotional trauma, loss of support, loss of income, and more.

You can file a wrongful death lawsuit after any death caused by another person’s negligence, recklessness, or maliciousness. This includes deaths that occur because of motor vehicle accidents, defective products, work-related accidents, medical malpractice, violent crimes, or dangerous drugs.

At Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers, we are passionate about helping surviving family members find closure and justice after losing a loved one to wrongful death. Our skill at the negotiating table and in the courtroom will help you receive the maximum amount of compensation you deserve, so you can stay financially afloat at this difficult time. To learn more about how we can help you, contact our Hartford wrongful death attorneys today by calling (860) 722-9923, chatting live on our website, or filling out the contact form to the right of your screen to schedule a free consultation.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer for a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

The immediate aftermath of a wrongful death may be the most difficult time of your life. Losing a loved one unexpectedly is emotionally traumatic, and the grief can be insurmountable. On top of that, if your family relied on the deceased for financial support, you may now be struggling to stay afloat, having lost their income and being faced with unanticipated medical, funeral, and burial costs. The thought of trying to pursue a lawsuit at this moment in your life can seem impossible, but the unfortunate truth is there is no time to wait. The statute of limitations for wrongful death claims in Connecticut is two years from the date of death, a deceptively short amount of time.

Instead of trying to fight through your grief to handle a complicated, stressful lawsuit on your own, seek the help of an experienced attorney. They can handle communications with insurance agents and opposing lawyers and refuse any lowball settlement offers. They can investigate the circumstances of your loved one’s death to identify the cause and the responsible party. They will have access to experts and vast resources that they can use to gather all the necessary evidence to prove your claims. With a lawyer’s help, you are likely to receive a much greater sum of money than you would on your own, and with far less stress.

Why Choose Us?

The attorneys at Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers will work closely with you after carefully reviewing and investigating the facts of your wrongful death case. When we represent you, we will work diligently for you to ensure that you receive a proper settlement for your loved one’s death. If a settlement cannot be reached, we will fight for you at trial to ensure you receive full compensation for your loss.

At Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers, we are well known for our compassion and special dedication to our clients. With a case as emotional as a wrongful death, you need a legal team who will listen to you completely and respect what you are going through. You also deserve a lawyer who will be able to get you the money you need and deserve. At Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers, we have won millions of dollars for our clients over the years, as well as numerous awards and honors, such as receiving a Distinguished rating with Martindale-Hubbell.

Grounds for a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

You cannot file a wrongful death suit for any death in the family. The death has to be due to negligence or an intentional act. To win a wrongful death lawsuit, the following factors must be established in a wrongful death case:

  • Duty of Care: The individual who caused your loved one’s death owed them a duty of care to keep them safe.
  • Breach of Duty of Care: The individual who caused your loved one’s death violated that duty of care and put them in harm’s way.
  • Causation: The breach of the duty of care directly caused your loved one’s death.

Simply showing that your loved one died will not be enough to win a wrongful death suit. A lawyer can help you gather the necessary evidence to prove all of these elements.

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

A wrongful death claim must be filed by the executor of the deceased person’s estate in Connecticut. If the person died without making an estate plan (such as a will) that named an executor, or if the named executor cannot serve, the court will appoint one for the estate. This person is responsible for handling the business of the estate as well as pursuing any wrongful death claims. The wrongful death claim must be filed by the executor of the estate directly, and it must be filed within two years of the deceased’s death.

Compensation and Damages in a Wrongful Death Case

While there is no amount of money that can make up for the loss of a family member, or bring your loved one back, you can seek closure by holding the party responsible for your loved one’s death financially accountable. The damages can also help you pay the unexpected expenses you may be facing, especially if your lost loved one was the primary breadwinner in your family.

Compensation and damages for wrongful death claims may include the following:

  • Medical bills. Any medical treatment your loved one received as a result of the incident leading up to their death.
  • Final expenses. Costs of the funeral and burial.
  • Loss of income. Any income that the deceased would have earned had they lived.
  • Pain and suffering. Loss of enjoyment of life, loss of emotional support, and any other emotional trauma the surviving family experiences.
  • Punitive damages. If the at fault party’s behavior was particularly egregious and displayed a willful disregard for the safety of others, they may have to pay punitive damages as a punishment and to discourage similar behavior in the future.

Not all of these damages will be available in every case. A lawyer from Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers can help you determine which damages may be available for you.

Contact Our Hartford Lawyers for Help

Filing a wrongful death claim can be complex, stressful, and deeply painful. Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers can help you through this process to help you receive the money you need as painlessly as possible. The dedicated Hartford attorneys at Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers will handle all the aspects of the investigation so you can focus on your grief. We will work tirelessly on your wrongful death case, so you can receive fair compensation and damages for your loss. Contact us for a free consultation at (860) 722-9923 today.

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