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Workers’ Compensation

If you were injured at work, we can help you pursue a workers’ compensation claim.

Being injured at work can be a challenging experience in many ways. Not only do you have the pain and suffering caused by the injury itself, but you may be faced with medical bills and other expenses that you are unable to pay. In addition to dealing with medical treatments and financial burdens, you may not be able to continue working in your current job.

If you have been injured at work, you may be feeling overwhelmed as you deal with insurance companies, doctor’s appointments, and financial hardship. Adding to what is already an emotional and economic hardship is the confusing process of navigating the worker’s compensation system. Filing a workers’ compensation claim can be very complex. You may benefit from the assistance of an experienced Hartford workers’ compensation lawyer who has an extensive knowledge of workers’ compensation law and can help you with your case.

Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers has been helping victims of workplace injuries file their workers’ compensation claims for years. Whether you are just starting the process or you have run into a snag along the way, we can help ensure you get every cent of compensation you deserve after your injury. To learn more about what we can do for you, contact us today at (860) 722-9923, by chatting live on our website, or by filling out the form on the right of your screen to schedule a free consultation.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

If you are seriously injured on the job, it may be difficult to decide on your own how to best safeguard your financial interests. You need to take certain precautions so as not to jeopardize your ability to receive workers’ compensation. It is crucial to not to make any statements or accept a quick settlement before consulting with an attorney. An insurance representative does not have your best interests at heart. Their task is to pay you the least amount of benefits possible, in order to save your employer money in the long run.

An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can assist you with any issues that may arise in your worker’s compensation case, and inform you about all legal options before negotiating with an insurer. Your attorney should know about your current medical conditions, any medical treatment received, any legal or financial matters, prior alcohol or chemical use, and employment history. It is imperative that your lawyer is aware of any issues that your employer’s insurance company can use to discredit your workers’ compensation claim.

Your lawyer can help you fill out and file your workers’ compensation forms accurately to ensure that you make no mistakes. This can help prevent your claim from being delayed or rejected. If your claim is wrongfully denied, or the amount offered is not enough to pay for your expenses, your lawyer will be able to investigate the reason for the denial and negotiate with the insurance agent to get you the money you need.

Why Choose Us?

Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers have successfully handled workers’ compensation claims for clients throughout the Hartford area for years. We know how to get you appropriate compensation for your injuries. We can advise you about what worker’s compensation benefits you are entitled to based on the severity of your workplace injury and your level of disability.

We will fully explain the important details of how workers’ compensation benefits are distributed, how often you receive payment, and what the minimum and maximum amounts you are entitled to receive. We will guide you during every step of the process to ensure your medical bills and other expenses are paid. Our goal is to make sure that you obtain the lost wages and compensation that you deserve, as quickly as possible, so that you can move forward with your life.

Types of Workplace Accidents

Workplace injuries can occur at any time and to anyone, but some of the most common workplace accidents we see at our firm include:

  • Slips, Trips, and Falls. Slips and falls are caused by wet floors, ice on the sidewalk, loose flooring, and hazards in a walkway.
  • Being Hit by a Falling Object. Items falling off shelves in stockrooms, items dropped from a ladder, or falling debris on a job site can lead to a serious injury.
  • Lifting or Pulling Objects. Pulled tendons, muscles, and ligaments are often caused by carrying, throwing, pushing, and pulling done forcefully or with too much weight.
  • Repetitive Movement. Carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, and bursitis are the most common injuries resulting from repetitive movement, which can affect both factory and office workers.
  • Traffic Accidents. Anyone who travels while on business or drives a truck for a living is at risk while on the job.
  • Machinery. Employees working with heavy equipment are in danger of being crushed or suffering a debilitating injury from using machinery.

If you were injured at work or because of any activities of your job, you are likely entitled to pursue workers’ compensation.

What to Do If You are Injured in a Workplace Accident

If you’ve been injured on the job, it is essential that you get all necessary medical treatment. Some workers’ compensation policies may require employees to see a specific doctor. However, state laws allow you to get a second opinion from another doctor if you are not satisfied with the first doctor’s opinion. A common tactic to minimize your payments is requiring you to visit a company doctor who may under-diagnose you or prescribe you the minimum treatments in order to save money. Because medical expenses can be covered by workers’ compensation, do not hesitate to get a second opinion.

It is important to document everything that occurred, including the date and time of the incident, any witnesses to the accident, the medical treatment that you received, as well as the name and location of the hospital or doctor that treated you. If you are unable to document your accident because of the need for immediate medical attention, ask a co-worker, friend, or family member to do so for you.

Compensation for Workplace Injuries

There are two different types of workers’ compensation benefits. The first type concerns medical expenses and covers all medical treatments that are needed while you are injured. The second type provides compensation for loss of income while you are away from work. This type also covers any total or permanent disability that may occur. How long the second category of benefits is available is determined by whether your disability is temporary or permanent. You will be paid workers’ compensation for the duration of the disability.

Partial and total disability benefit amounts are determined based upon certain factors, including the severity of the disability and which body parts are affected. There are pre-established benefit terms depending on the duration of the disability, which are stated in state laws regarding workers’ compensation in Connecticut.

Contact our Hartford Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Now

If you have sustained serious injuries at your workplace, you should seek advice from the legal team at Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers. We are available to meet with you to discuss your case and help you understand your legal options. Our Hartford lawyers are extremely knowledgeable about the workers’ compensation system in Connecticut.

For committed and dedicated representation of your workers’ compensation claim, contact our office today. We will work hard to get you the compensation that you deserve by recovering a fair and just settlement for your workplace injuries. Contact us for a free consultation at (860) 722-9923.

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