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Connecticut Class Action Lawsuits and Defective Products

When you think of a person filing a lawsuit over a wrong that’s been done to them, you imagine a single individual or family in court, seeking damages in their own interests. A good example of this would be if a person got into an accident and it later came out that the mechanic who fixed their brakes did a bad job, failing to install them properly or perhaps putting in the wrong size or type. But if you take that same accident, and instead have it caused by faulty brakes having been installed by the manufacturer in every similar car model in the same year, and it turns out that there were dozens of similar accidents, then you are likely to find that the claim is filed as a class action lawsuit, in which a single legal action is representing multiple plaintiffs who are all seeking the same relief. When a class action lawsuit is pursued, it is done on behalf of all those who have been injured, whether they are aware of it or not. They do not have to be present in the courtroom or participate in any of the proceedings, but if the verdict comes down in favor of them, they are entitled to the benefit as part of the class. In the state of Connecticut, class action lawsuits are frequently filed over defective products that have caused harm to many people. The experienced lawyers at Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers have a successful record of representing our clients’ interests in class action lawsuits and can help you as well.

In order for a group of personal injury lawsuits to be accepted as a class action, there are certain requirements. The attorneys filing the case need to be able to show that there are enough people who have been similarly harmed that having each file their own individual personal injury lawsuit would be a drain on the judicial system and needlessly redundant. The damages that each plaintiff has suffered has to be relatively similar to what was experienced by each member of the group as a whole, and the person who is bringing the class action lawsuit has to be a good representative of those who are class members. There are certain advantages to being a part of a class action lawsuit: a person who has suffered damages can reap the benefits of the legal action without the challenges and stress of being involved in the court proceeding, and the company that was at fault for the defective product is held responsible and made to pay for their negligence. The downside to a class action lawsuit is that the individuals who have suffered damages generally receive less in the way of damages then they would if they had filed an individual personal injury lawsuit. A big company can also force a number of delays in order to frustrate the plaintiffs, but having an experienced Connecticut class action attorney working on your behalf can counter these efforts and issues and ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve for the damages that you’ve suffered.


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