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Common Defective Product-Related Injuries

child's toy boxWhen injury results from a product that consumers thought they could assume was safe for use, it is considered a defective product. Whether the product was a choking hazard or caused a major injury by exploding, the manufacturer is liable for what happens with their product within reason. For example, if someone misuses the product, the company is not liable. However, if they use the product in a way that a reasonable person would and are still injured, they may be entitled to compensation.

Some injuries are more likely than others. There are certain injuries that most commonly result from a defective product.

Organ Failure

Medicine can be as defective as other products. When a medication leads to serious side effects that were not put on the label, it is considered a defective product and the victim could be entitled to compensation. In some cases, the problems with the medication are not found until the patient has been on them long term. This can lead to kidney failure, cardiac arrest, lung problems, liver failure, heart failure and even brain damage.


When a product breaks suddenly, it can lead to serious, immediate injury, which qualifies under the general umbrella of defective product injuries. Common causes include adults using a ladder or when a child is in a high chair and the product malfunctioning in some way, whether it is a piece breaking or it folding in on itself. Head injuries are also common. They are most often associated with bicycles, ladders, motorcycles and scooters.


Choking deaths are the most common amongst children. These most often come as a result of toys that have a choking hazard due to small parts. In many cases, there will be warning labels to help parents identify which toys are appropriate for their child. However, when those warning labels are not present, children are put at risk and the company is liable for damages that come as a result of their negligence.

Burn Injuries

Products designed for adults also need to be properly labeled. Products that may have faulty wiring, or have an extra risk when there is exposed wiring, or there is a risk of being electrocuted when the product is plugged in, the company must put a warning label that expresses the danger and gives information on how to avoid injury.

Have you been injured due to a defective product? You may be entitled to compensation. Contact our team today at Jonathan Perkins Personal Injury Lawyers today for more information.


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